Thursday, 15 November 2012


September 2010.....5 books this month

Linwood Barclay – Too Close To Home

James Lee Burke – Rain Gods

Lee Child  ed.– Killer Year

Michael Connelly – The Scarecrow

Peter Temple – The Broken Shore

Some big name authors here, but not one of these particularly stood out,


I’ve had to google all of these to try and stir some amount of recall.

Probably because they weren’t especially stand-out; every author has written better books that I’ve enjoyed more - that fact accounts for the low number of books consumed in the month.

The better the book the faster you read it typically, as you make the time to pick the thing up.

I’ll exclude Lee Child from that criticism because he was editing a bunch of short stories from a bunch of other people.


If I had to choose a book of the month, it would be Peter Temple. Mainly on the grounds that it would be the one I’d choose at gunpoint if I had to re-read any of them.


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