Wednesday, 14 November 2012



"Dad told me once, that if people don't care about where they live, the way they act, people they associate with, they get lost in the dark, can't find their way back cause there's no light left. I had taken a pretty good step into the shadows tonight." It's payback time, in this short story by Joe R. Lansdale.

Another freebie short story/novella/chap book picked up for free on Amazon website. As with the two others I’ve read recently from Lansdale, I didn’t turn cartwheels after reading this. I just don’t think these shorts in any way measure up to the full length Hap and Leonard novels he’s churned out on and off through the years.

Churlish to complain about something you got for nothing, so I won’t. As Lansdale says in his intro, it’s a tale of revenge and it worked well enough.

Another upside – I can cheat a bit on my reading figures, add 1 to the total!

3 from 5  

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