Thursday, 1 November 2012


Marek Krajewski – Death In Breslau (2008) (3)

Mike Nicol – Payback (2010) (5)

Doug Johnstone – Smokeheads (2011) (3.5)

Jonathan Franzen – Freedom (2010) (4)

William McIlvanney – Laidlaw (1977) (4)

James Lee Burke – Swan Peak (2008) (3)

Gerald Seymour – Harry’s Game (1975)  (4)

Eight books read in the month, which is below my target of ten, plus one was a novella type - long short story which I dropped in to keep my batting average up!

Lansdale and James Lee Burke, I have read before, but all the others were new to me.

Krajewski, Lansdale and Burke were all disappointing to a greater or lesser degree.

Franzen and Johnstone were enjoyable without setting the world on fire.

McIlvanney and Seymour were top notch, but Mike Nicol’s Payback blew me away and was my pick of the month.


  1. I've read a few Krajewski books and although they are enjoyable I', not rushing to read any more. I like James Lee Burke but I am so far behind the series I doubt I'd be able to catch up.

  2. Sarah, I have 2 other Krajewski books on my shelf - buy in haste repent at leisure? Well, I'm hoping that I enjoy them moore than the first. JLB - I think I'm done with him now, I've stopped believing in his main man.