Friday, 16 November 2012


November 2010.............11 this month

Larry Brown – Facing The Music

Ken Bruen – Calibre

Ken Bruen – Calibre

Jack Ketchum – Red/ The Passenger

Ted A. Kluck – Facing Tyson

Ray Loriga – My Brother’s Gun

David Owen – Eden

David Owen – Ventner And Son

Jason Pinter – The Mark

Robert Sullivan – The Rats

Lionel White – The Killing

Larry Brown was one of my favourite authors with two remarkable books, Joe and Father And Son.  His others may also be remarkable; I just haven’t got to them yet. This was a collection of short stories, some better than others. Sad to say he passed away in his early 50’s around 2004.

Two Bruen books, later instalments in his Inspector Brant , scourge of Sarf London villains series.

A couple of early David Owen books, set in South Africa pre-apartheid and before he migrated to New Zealand and brought us the mighty Pufferfish series, which in truth are a lot more enjoyable.

Sullivan spent a year studying rats in the back alleys of New York...fairly interesting.

Kluck interviewed fighters who faced Tyson in the ring....ok’ish.

Pinter’s Mark was his first in a series with a journalist if I’m remembering correctly.


The others were picked up after studying Al Guthrie’s 200 Nor books.

Lionel White was a pulp author in the 50’s. I’ve a few others on mount TBR to read in the next 20 years or so. Loriga’s book wasn’t really enjoyable.


Pick of the month – Ketchum’s tale Red - Old man retribution on the rich kids who killed his dog   

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