Friday, 30 November 2012


Well I read 12 books this month which got me back on track with my year-end revised target of 119.
110 completed, 9 to aim at in December. (119 will mean my 3 year total since 2010 will be 300!)

Anonymous - 9  - Hard Bite (2012) (4)

Martin Amis - House Of Meetings (2006) (1)

Charlie Owen - Two Tribes (2009) (3)

Danny Gillan - A Selection Of Meats And Cheeses (2011) (3)

Roger Smith - Mixed Blood (2009) (5)

Joe R Lansdale - Bullets And Fire (2013) (3)

Richard Rayner - Murder Book (1997) (2)

Julian Barnes - Flaubert's Parrot (1984) (3)

E L James - Fifty Shades Freed (2012) (1)

Jim Nisbet - Lethal Injection (1987) (5)

Mark Sullivan - Corned Beef Sandwich (2007) (3)

Miranda Forbes ed. - Ultimate Spanking (2010) (2)

The month started with a big bang and Anonymous-9's Hard Bite.
It went quickly downhill with Martin Amis, and meandered along until Roger Smith jumped me with Mixed Blood - a fast,violent, ride through Cape Town.

Dipped afterward with Lansdale, Rayner and Barnes, until positively plummetting off the cliff with Fifty Shades Grim.

Jim Nisbet cranked things back with Lethal Injection, before my pulse dropped back down to normal with a Manc-crime caper novel and a bit of soft titillation.

2 neck and neck contenders for book of the month, first prize on the basis of it being an unbelievably good first novel - Roger Smith and Mixed Blood,

Silver medal - Jim Nisbet,
Bronze medal - Anonymous-9


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about the Roger Smith book. Glad you liked it - is it very violent?

  2. Sarah, I would say it is probably a 9/10 in the violence stakes. There is a torture scene which is not for the squeamish. I wouldn't say the violence is gratuitous or that it overshadows the story, but there is a fair amount in a relatively short book. Hopefully, this won't put you off!