Saturday, 17 November 2012


August 2012.........12 books this month

Richard Francis – Taking Apart The Poco Poco

Dave Zeltserman – Outsourced

Tony Black – RIP Robbie Silva

Jack Danne/Jeanne Van Damme ed. – In The Field Of Fire

David Craig – Bolthole

William Caunitz – One Police Plaza

Eric Garcia – Anonymous Rex

Harlan Coben – Shelter

Jeff Connor – Pointless

Philip Wilding – Cross Country Murder Song

Stephen Wright – Going Native

Anthony Bourdain – Bobby Gold

Stephen Wright and Philip Wilding are in contention for the supreme accolade – namely the author of least enjoyable book ever in the history of books since the year dot.

 Also vying for the title, Kerouac - Lonesome Traveller, probably anything Dean Koontz has written in the past 15 years, Leonie Swann – Three Bags Full.

 A close call – probably Going Native will shade it....slightly less painful reading this than boiling my head in a pot on the stove, but it was a close run thing.   

Garcia wasn’t great – not a patch on Matchstick Men.

Caunitz – ok, but not as good as I was hoping for.

Richard Francis – won’t be going back there, thank you.

Field Of Fire – Nam stories with a “fantasy” spin – as with any story collection, some a lot better than others.

Tony Black’s novella just didn’t rock me the way I had hoped for.

Jeff Connor’s account of a year following Scotland’s worst football team was interesting enough. Keep the faith – East Stirlingshire fans!

Bolthole was an early Bill James thriller written under an alias, bit better than average in my opinion.

Coben’s Shelter – I think is a YA targeted book that this MA (middle-aged) reader enjoyed.

Book of the month – Bobby Gold........certainly glistened for me!
Bobby Gold is a lovable criminal. After nearly ten years in prison, he's no sooner out than he's back to work breaking bones for tough guys. His turf: the club scene and restaurant business. It's not that he enjoys the job-Bobby has real heart-but he's good at it, and a guy has to make a living. Things change when he meets Nikki, the cook at a club most definitely not in his territory. Smitten, he can't stay away. Bobby Gold has known trouble before, but with Nikki the sauté bitch in his life, things take a turn for life or death.

A fast, furious, pitch-perfect story of food, sex, crime, and mayhem, The Bobby Gold Stories is Bourdain at his best

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