Saturday, 17 November 2012


February 2012......11 books this month,

Dave Zeltserman – Pariah

Dave Zeltserman – 21 Tales

Tom Sharpe – Riotous Assembly

Allan Guthrie – Killing Mum

Phillip Roth – The Humbling

Dominic Streatfeild – A History Of The World Since 9/11

Chip Kidd – The Cheese Monkeys

Greg Bardsley/Kieran Shea/Jedediah Ayres ed. – D*cked

Oliver Harvey/Mick Quinn – Who Ate All The Pies

Allan Guthrie – Bye Bye Baby

Bill Frey – Letters From Nam

Guthrie’s “books” were short novellas, but I’m the one keeping score here.

Chip Kidd, proves the adage never judge a book by it’s cover – this one had a great cover.

Letters From Nam..............touching and sad,

Book of the month – A History Of The World Since 9/11


In A History of the World Since 9/11 Dominic Streatfeild expertly combines history, biography and investigative journalism to show how a massacre on a clear September day in 2001 has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In a series of brilliantly interlinked chapters he shows how an Afghani wedding party; and a gas station proprietor in Texas; and a planespotter in Mallorca have been affected, sometimes devastatingly, by the American response to the attacks on the Twin Towers. Streatfeild shows how the sleep of reason and good sense in successive US administrations post-9/11 has brought forth the monsters of extraordinary rendition, Guantanamo Bay, extrajudicial execution and wholesale contravention of international law. This is a work that informs as it entertains and induces outrage as it inspires.



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