Saturday 17 November 2012

MAY 2011

May 2011........5 books read
Sebastian Faulks – A Week In December
Michael Simkins – What’s My Motivation
Jodi Piccoult – House Rules
Harland Miller – Slow Down Arthur Stick To Thirty
Sonja Bigg – Of Vicars And Tarts
Hopefully my first and last Piccoult, as I just didn’t particularly enjoy it. I think I’d rather watch a film of one of her books rather than bothering to read them. My Sister’s Keeper was a decent film.
Simkins wrote a humorous account of his life in acting. I’ve another one of his to read as he also obsesses about cricket........a bit of light reading to pass the time.
Even if I didn’t totally understand all the financial machinations, Faulks book stood out as the best of a mediocre bunch.

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