Friday, 30 November 2012



There's nothing like a good spanking - customers have proved that this is a bestselling theme! Editor Miranda Forbes has selected 20 more bottom-tingling stories to make your buttocks blush in this fourth volume of naughty treats! Spanking has never been so popular. Find out why ... Xcite Books offer the very best erotic writing. Clear branding and consistently good reviews in magazines such as Forum, Desire Scarlet have helped build Xcite into a bestselling brand.

Ok then, awkward, how to explain why I read this, when it’s so far out of my usual ball-park.

Well, I was browsing in a bookshop in my hometown, Leighton Buzzard, and I needed one more item to make up a price-saving bundle…….and I didn’t want a 600 page Nelson DeMille blockbuster, or a 20 year-old Jeffrey Archer pre-prison beach-read, or a Peter Hamilton science-fiction tome the size of a house brick……….so I chose this soft-porn volume of 20 erotic tales. Excuses out of the way, then!

Well, I read them on and off over a period of a couple of months, all reasonably written and all concerning the same subject matter – spanking or corporal punishment. No real need to go into any greater detail.

I’m well aware that no-one particularly has any interest in my personal predilections, and I’m not too interested in divulging them either, but suffice to say I’m not about to rush out and acquire any accessories in the leather whip department after reading this.

Should there be a subsequent volume published, I won’t be stampeding people in my haste to acquire it.

2 stars from 5.

As stated I bought this copy

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