Saturday, 17 November 2012


Well I've caught up on my saved list of reads since 2010, I can get back to posting my incoherent ramblings and musings on what I've just read.

It was interesting to see how much I could remember of what I've read in the past 3 years.
It seemed that the ones I enjoyed the least stuck with me the most. I visited various websites to jog my memory, and even after doing that some books just didn't come back to me.
Maybe I don't really read, maybe I'm just skimming across the pages not really absorbing that much?
Who cares?

Still I reckon I've surpassed my 100 target for 2012 already - so if I can get to 119, for the year - that will pull the figures back into line for the last three!

2010 - 104
2011 - 77
2012 - 98 to October end......21 to go!


  1. I started recording my books on goodreads this year and was shocked by how much I read. I think I have read 140 books this year although I suppose that will work out at 3 a week which is about right.

  2. 140 - I wish I could get to that level, then my TBR or re-read pile might decrease a bit quicker!
    Life and work seems to interfere with my reading agenda to an unreasonable degree.......not that I don't love my family and job!

    I like Goodreads as a site, and I'm trying to upload my past 3 years reads to there as well, but sometimes the site can be slow.