Friday 14 June 2024


Synopsis/blurb ...

Fifteen years only stand between Peter Cheyney's appearance as a novelist and his death, but the output of those fifteen short years resulted in sales which run into millions of copies. Cheyney, in his thirty books of detectives, gamesters, thieves and hard-living beauties, makes a glorious pattern of excitement, humour, suspense, surprise, crossing and double-crossing.

First and last time for me with this author. 

An okay read, nothing more nothing less. It passed some of the time while I was travelling from Bedfordshire to Yorkshire as a driver's mate.

One novella and three short stories comprise the book.

G-Man at the Yard (5 - 96)

Cocktail Party (97 - 119)

The Arrest (120 - 130)

Cocktail for Cupid (131 - 154)

I think the title story which was by far the longest and most detailed was the best. An FBI man is in England, following up on a thwarted kidnap case. The plot to kidnap a rich man's daughter is still in progress, as evidenced by the known criminal he spots on his train journey from the coast to the capital. Interesting tale, decent set up, decent resolution with a little bit of a twist which exposes our main character's moral compass.

The other four stories were enjoyed without being amazing. In addition to the suspense and surprise, Cheney also throws in a splash of romance to his plots.. 

3 from 5 

I picked up this book earlier this year having heard of the author, but without knowing anything about him. I really liked the cover of the book which probably tipped my hand into buying it. 

Read - June, 2024

Published - 1962

Format - paperback (A FOUR SQUARE BOOK published by THE NEW ENGLISH LIBRARY LTD)

Source - purchased copy - 2.99 charity shop

Page count - 160