Thursday, 15 November 2012

JULY 2010

July 2010.........8 this month, so a bit better than June.

Frankie Boyle – My Shit Life So Far

Brian Garfield – Deathwish

Cal Hiaasen – Team Rodent

Dennis Lehane – Mystic River

Cormac McCarthy – The Road

JD Salinger – Catcher In The Rye

Danny Wallace – Yes Man

Neil White – Dead Silent

Frankie Boyle – not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m not even sure his own family like him....bit disappointing really.

Deathwish – okay...grim and bleak

Team Rodent – Hiaasen’s diatribe on all things Disney, interesting

Lehane – Mystic River, book of the month again, really enjoyable, watched the film straight after and that was pretty good too. You can’t beat Sean Penn.

McCarthy and Salinger – I read these on a family break in Lowestoft. Don’t thing two books read back-to-back have ever depressed me as much as these.I need to be more selective with the books I take away with me on breaks – felt like charging down the sand and throwing myself straight into the North Sea, just to cheer up.

Yes Man, probably a bit less enjoyable than Boyle to be honest.

Dead Silent – can’t really remember. I’m going to take a punt on it being about a guy who ends up accidentally killing a girl with another bloke after a party. Then at some point in the future marries her sister......I’m away to look it up and see if I’m right. If I am I can’t remember the ending...which either means it was a let-down or it was ok, or it was blinding and my memory is seriously I’m wrong it was a totally different book I’ve mis-remembered.

So yes my memories rubbish, and also this book couldn’t have been fantastic as even after checking the blurb I can’t really recall it.   


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