Saturday 17 November 2012

JULY 2012

July 2012..... 11 this month

Joseph Torra – Gas Station

Michael Connelly – The Reversal

Gil Brewer – Appointment In Hell

Andy McNab- The Grey Man

Len Deighton – Declarations Of War

Charles Portis – Dog Of The South

Charlie Owen – Bravo Jubilee

Robert Cremins – A Sort Of Homecoming

E L James – Fifty Shades Of Grey

Ed Smith – On And Off The Field

Dave Zeltserman – Blood Crimes 1

Not a brilliant month truth be told.

Torra, Portis, Deighton all dragged a bit.

Cremins, McNab (Quick-Read), Zeltserman, and Brewer were okay in an average sort of way.

Owen and his police propaganda-jokey-set ups and anecdotes amused and wasn’t too irritating.

Fifty Shades...what can I say? Or shall I leave the talking to my inner goddess? Fair play to her – hopefully she’s made enough to retire and can knock the books on the head.

Connelly – still disappointing me Michael. You could do better, you have done in the past. I’ll keep the faith for two more books!

Book of the month Ed Smith – year long cricket diary. Who’d have thought a cricket book would get the top prize?


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