Saturday, 17 November 2012


January 2011........ 8 books read this month.

Erica Spindler – Breakneck

Les Standiford – Raw Deal

Gene Kerrigan – Dark Times In The City

Val McDermid – Conferences Are Murder

Dean Koontz – Your Heart Belongs To Me

Mitch Albom – Tuesdays With Morrie

Dean Koontz – The Face

Chevy Stevens – Still Missing

Spindler, Koontz, Stevens and Kerrigan were catch-up reads with my wife.

Spindler was so-so. Koontz – when did he start turning out such dire bilge? He used to be very good, maybe authors only have so many creative ideas in a memory bank, and he’s obviously exhausted his a long time ago. There ought to be an island tucked away somewhere in the middle of the Pacific where old authors are sent to see out their final days, in relative comfort but without the means to inflict their nonsense of the rest of us. Perhaps it could be within waving distance of the washed-up pop/rock-stars at least Dean could wave fondly across to Elton and Paul McCartney every morning.

Kerrigan’s book I really enjoyed, even though my wife gave up on it.  

The others were okay, but the pick of the month was Chevy Stevens and Still Missing

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