Monday 1 March 2021


It's that time of the year again......

1st - Scott Cumming - The Glint of the Knife (Bristol Noir)

2nd - J. B. StevensPerhaps My New Year’s Resolution To Leave My Job As A Mormon Youth Pastor In Order To Take Over The New York Drug Trade Was Not Well Thought Out (Robot Butt)

3rd - April Kelly - Pissing Contest (Tough)

4th - A. R. BenderGirl Blue (Close To The Bone)

5th - Wendy DavisBelow My Window (Mystery Tribune)

6th - Margot Kinberg - End Meeting  (Margot Kinberg)

7th - Joe R. Lansdale - The Dump* (Joe R. Lansdale

* Link will probably take you to a different story as Joe puts up a new one each week.

8th - Tom Leins - Ignorance and Want (Bristol Noir)

9th - Steve Ellis - Off the Beaten Track  (Close 2 the Bone)

10th - Roy Christopher - Facade (Close 2 the Bone)

11th - Tom Vater - Friday (Close 2 the Bone)

12th - Sean O'Leary - This Life (Close 2 the Bone)

13th - Robert Pope - Fungo (Mystery Tribune)

14th - Jim Woessner - Deadhead (Close 2 the Bone)

15th - C.W. BlackwellSmoke and Consequences (Mystery Tribune)

16th - Michael Carter - To Joshua Tree (Close 2 the Bone)

17th - Paul D. Brazill - The Man from Esperanto (Paul D. Brazill)

18th - JM Taylor - That's a Summons, Mate (Close 2 the Bone)

19th - Jess LoureyThe Adventure of the First Problem (Jess Lourey)

20th - Jess Lourey - Death by Potato Salad (Jess Lourey)

21st - ACF Wilson - Fancy That (Punk Noir Magazine)

22nd - Paul D. BrazillThe Final Cut (Paul D. Brazill)

23rd - Alan Gorevan - Rivals* (Alan Gorevan

*Available if you subscribe to his site 

24th - Margot KinbergThe Balcony Scene (Margot Kinberg

25th - Kate Felix - We All Become Our Mothers  (Mystery Tribune)

26th - Cal Marcius - My Turn (Shotgun Honey)

27th - Cal Marcius - The Kid (Shotgun Honey)

28th - Paul D. BrazillThis Old House (Paul D. Brazill)

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  1. Thanks so much for including my story, Col! What a nice surprise, and I appreciate it. I do like dipping into short stories sometimes. They can give you a real sense of a writer's style, and they're great when you don't have a whole lot of time to invest in a longer novel.

    1. My pleasure, Margot. I can't keep up with everything out there, but immersing myself into a range of short fiction every quarter, works well for me.

  2. Hi Col, thanks for including 'Ignorance & Want' in your selection!

    1. No worries, Tom. Hopefully I catch all your new ones and they don't sneak past me!

  3. An interesting list of stories, Col, and impressive. I read "We All Become Our Mothers" by Kate Felix because the title was so great. Short but effective. I checked out the two by Margot, which I had missed earlier. Both very good. I will come back and try some more links.

    1. Tracy, thanks. All tend to be on the shorter side of the format.