Monday 23 May 2022




A violent robber is loose in River City. Meet the cops that must take him down.

Stefan Kopriva, a young hotshot. Katie MacLeod, a woman in what is still mostly a man’s world. Karl Winter, about to retire but with one more good bust left in him. And Thomas Chisolm, a former Green Beret who knows how dangerous a man like the Scarface Robber can be.

These are the patrol officers of River City – that mythical thin blue line between society and anarchy. They must stop the robber, all the while juggling divorces, love affairs, internal politics, a hostile media, vengeful gang members and a civilian population that isn’t always understanding or even grateful.

Written by a real cop with real experience, Under a Raging Moon is like a paperback ride-along. Enjoy the ride.

Frank Zafiro's River City series is one I have been meaning to get to for a while. I actually bought this one back in July, 2015. I didn't think it would take me around seven years to get to it though. Zafiro is now upto seven full length novels in the series, as well as associated short stories and three Stefan Kopriva novels.

It's a fast-moving tale of cops and in particular one robber. He's a robber with a voracious drug habit that needs feeding. The frequency and success of his strikes makes the whole of the River City PD look like mugs and that's a situation that can't persist.

Interesting characters, plenty of personal and professional histories and back stories, camaraderie, loyalty, friendship, animosity towards the brass - in particular one inept but ambitious leader, secrets, flings, depression, marital strife, drug addiction and a lot more besides. I was kind of reminded of an episode of Hill Street Blues.

Lots to like and enjoy. Setting, pace, story, humour, characters, conflict and outcome. My kind of book. I just need to get my backside in gear and get to the other six (and connected pieces).

4 from 5                        

Read - May, 2022
Published - 2006
Page count - 232
Source - purchased copy
Format - Kindle


  1. This definitely sounds like a solid police story, among other things, Col. Funny, too, that you'd mention Hill Street Blues; I used to love that show, and your comparison gave me a solid sense of what this book's like. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Margot, I'm hoping my memory is reliable. I really enjoyed that series when it aired on TV. Hmm, I wonder how long ago that was...

  2. I've had Frank Zafiro on my wanna-read list forever. Thanks for reminding me. As for Hill Street Blues, my mom thought it was too dark for my little self when it was on. She was probably right since I was pretty little, but man what I missed. :)

    1. Ben, you're spoiled for choice if you haven't tried him before. There's plenty of sole authored books plus a lot of collaborations with the likes of Eric Beetner and Colin Conway (and more). Having reminded myself of Hill Street Blues, I might see how expensive it is to track it down on DVD. I'm assuming (hoping) it got released in the UK/Europe in this medium. NOSTALGIA RULES!