Friday 6 May 2022


 A couple from new-to-me, untried Irish author Alan Gorevan ...


Gorevan has written half a dozen or so novels and novellas and I've hoovered up a few more than just these two.

From his website.......

I was born and raised in Dublin. (All the best people are!) 

For as long as I can remember, I've loved reading. I've enjoyed making up stories for almost as long.

I decided I wanted to be a thriller writer when I was a teenager, after I stumbled across Lee Child's Killing Floor in an airport bookshop.

The novel had just come out. A sticker on the cover offered a money-back guarantee if the book didn't deliver.

I thought it must be a hell of a read if it came with a guarantee.

It was.

I never thought of asking for money back.

Instead, I thought I'd like to write page-turning thrillers too.

His website his at

Better Confess (2020)

Better Confess: an online forum where you can anonymously reveal your darkest thoughts and actions.

But be careful what you write. 

When Florence Lynch finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, she feels like her whole world has collapsed. 

In a drunken rage, she confesses that she wishes he was dead. 

And someone offers to help…

The Kindness of Psychopaths (2020)

When Valentina López Vázquez vanishes from her home one morning, it’s obvious that she was taken by force. What happened to her next is not so obvious. 

The disappearance forces two men on a gruelling search for the truth: Barry Wall, Valentina’s frantic husband, and Joe Byrne, the nihilistic detective in charge of the investigation.

They are locked on a devastating course that will take them to places darker than they ever dreamt – places without limits…


  1. This sounds absolutely fascinating, Col! I really like that idea of what can happen on an online forum - it sounds all too possible. And the other looks interesting, too. I'll be quite keen to know what you think of these.

    1. Margot, thanks. I'm as interested as you are to see how I get on with them. Hopes are high, fingers are corssed!