Thursday 12 May 2022




He’s battled biker gangs, neo-Nazis, steroidal wrestlers, Russian spam-bots, an ornery skunk ape, and an oversexed orangutan… now, boxer turned strip club bouncer Reggie Levine is BACK in his FUBAR-iest escapade yet. When a sinister stranger with an uncanny likeness to actor M. Emmett Walsh kidnaps Marlene, the sumo-sized stripper at The Henhouse where he works, Reggie is called back to action, and faced with his greatest challenge.

Author Adam Howe is a bit of a cult. His warped prose the product of a depraved imagination are probably lacking in universal appeal. That said I'm always happy to take a trip on the wild side with him and see where we end up.

Of Moose and Men is a 30-odd page adventure with his wrestler character Reggie Levine. Reggie is working as a bouncer at a strip club when one of the girls goes missing. Reggie's job is to find her.

Violence, humour and more than a touch of graphic grossness accompanies us on our journey.
Like I say not everyone's cup of tea, but there's something in the absurdity of the situations his larger than life characters find themselves in that appeal to my inner adolescent brain.

4 from 5

Gator Bait (2015) and One Tough Bastard (2021) have been enjoyed before from Adam Howe. There's more to get to on the pile. 

Read - April, 2022
Published - 2022
Page count - 33
Source - Kindle Unlimited
Format - Kindle


  1. It sounds as though there's some wit in this, which I always appreciate, Col. But I think you're right that this isn't everyone's cuppa; if I'm being honest, it's not mine. Still, I can see how Reggie could be an appealing character.

    1. Margot, yes definitely one for me as opposed to one for everyone. I think the author isn't necessarily concerned with mass appeal which gives him the freedom to have some fun with his writing.