Saturday 6 June 2020

MAY, 2020 - 31 DAYS, 31 SHORTS!

I do like a short story. For the past few years each August, I've challenged myself to read one a day during the month.

I'm going to try and increase the annual August story-fest bonanza into a regular reading exercise every three months.

There's some great sites around the web for short crime fiction .....Spelk Fiction, Shotgun Honey, All Due Respect, Bristol Noir, Close 2 the Bone, Mystery Tribune - to mention a few

It's a means of trying out new authors and catching up with some old favourites, especially if you're waiting on another book by them.

1st - Bronwen Griffiths - Karanbel (Spelk Fiction)

2nd - Graham Wynd - The Click of the Shutting (Punk Noir Magazine)

3rd - Ben Newell - Space Invaders (Bristol Noir)

4th - Stephen J. GoldsA Last Look from the Half Moon Hotel (Bristol Noir)

5th - Jason BeechPop Star Burger Van (Messy Business - Books, Writing, Stuff)

6th - Paul D. BrazillThe Man Behind the Curtain (Punk Noir Magazine)

7th - Beau Johnson - Keeping Tabs (Punk Noir Magazine)

8th - Stephen J. GoldsA World Full of Strangers (Bristol Noir)

9th - Paul D. Brazill - In the Cold, Cold Night (Bristol Noir)

10th - Sebnem E. Sanders - The Song of Spring (Punk Noir Magazine)

11th - Darren SantLongcroft on Lockdown (Punk Noir Magazine)

12th - M.W. Craven - Why Don't Sheep Shrink (M.W. Craven)

13th - Stephen J. GoldsLondon Bridge Railway Station, Please Mate (Punk Noir Magazine)

14th - K.A. LaityConfession (Punk Noir Magazine)

15th - Sharon Diane King - On the Edge (All Due Respect)

16th - Robert Ragan - Come Get Me (Punk Noir Magazine)

17th - K.A. Laity - Losing My Religon (Punk Noir Magazine)

18th - Andrew Davie - Perennial (All Due Respect)

19th - Allan Guthrie - Fucking Liars (Shotgun Honey)

20th - Stephen J. GoldsOn Being Fourteen Years Old and Loving Miss Perkins (Punk Noir Magazine)

21st - Nigel Bird - Stones In Me Pockets (Shotgun Honey)

22nd - Chris Rhatigan - Skinny Latte (Shotgun Honey)

23rd - Ray Banks - Pineapple Rings (Shotgun Honey)

24th - Hector Acosta - Besos (Mystery Tribune)

25th - Tom Leins - Bloater (Shotgun Honey)

26th - Todd Morr - Alberto's (Shotgun Honey)

27th - Paul Heatley - The Dancing Girl (Spelk Fiction)

28th - Jason Beech - Loose Words (Spelk Fiction)

29th - Michael Dioguardi - Endwell Greens (Close 2 the Bone)

30th - Sean O'Leary - 100% Humidity (Close 2 the Bone)

31st - Rob Pierce - Empty Kitchens (Shotgun Honey)

Previous outings.......

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  1. Morning Col - thanks for including 'Bloater' on your list!

  2. I really like this idea, Col. Short stories can be a great way to get to know an author's work, and they are a terrific form of writing in themselves. Having a plan like this means you're more likely to read more, too. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks Margot. I do like trying this every few months. There's still loads I miss, but who can read it all?

  3. I would like to do something similar, Col, but I would have to think more on a plan. I would probably used anthologies or short story collections I have, because I have so many that never get read. We will see what I can come up with.

    1. I've got more than a few collections and anthologies myself to get through.

  4. I am not bothered about short stories - but love that cartoon at the top!