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Fetched up in the dangerous frontier town of Little Rock, Sister Thomas Josephine - the fabled 'Six-Gun Sister' - finally finds herself on the edge of Indian Territory. But she knows she can't brave her next adventure alone. Allying herself with a drunken bounty hunter and an eagle-eyed tracker, she sets off into the wilderness, drawing ever closer to Abe Muir.

And the more she hears about the gang he's joined, the more certain she becomes that he needs her help. For Abe has fallen in with a terrible man, a man who's committed unspeakable crimes... and word is, he's done it all with Abe by his side.

But as Sister Thomas Josephine will learn, the west is an uncivilized land, and not everything is as it seems.

Running out of things to say for fear of repeating myself, myself, myself, mys…..

Episode 9 – 50 more pages and to quote Blackadder – “more twists and turns than a twisty-turny thing”

If Sister Thomas Josephine was an animal – it would definitely be a cat, with the number of lives she has.

Josephine is seeking Abraham Muir, so must find the feared outlaw, Colm Puttick and his gang. Our resourceful nun enlists the services of a couple of trackers/bounty hunters – Macclehorse and Bird.

“Doesn’t pay to keep company with fools, Sister does it?”

Our trusting nun has been duped and when Bird reveals his true identity, Josephine realises she and Muir have been sold out to Marshall Reasoner. The gallows await……

Great characters, great action, another solid read – but only in the context of what has gone before.

4 from 5

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  1. Col, how many more in the series? Forewarned is forearmed!

    1. 12 total - 3 more installments/episodes to report on - nearly there mate - stick with me!

  2. This really is an interesting saga, Col I really do think the serialised adventures are a great fit for the Western theme. And as I've said, Sister Josephine is a terrific character.

    1. I'm impressed by the author's fertile imagination. I think the serialization-episodic approach works well. Easier to contemplate 12 adventures at 50-60 pages, than one door stopper at 630!
      How is he or she going to top it though?