Wednesday 13 May 2015



The True Tale of the how Wanted Fugitives Sister Thomas Josephine of St. Louis, Missouri and Abraham C. Muir made a Daring Escape from Capture and Raced for the Mexican Border.

NUNSLINGER IV finds Sister Thomas Josephine and Abraham Muir friendless, penniless and on the wrong side of the law in the backstreets of Sacramento. Their only option is to flee for Mexico... with half the Union Army on their trail.

Episode 4 of Sister Josephine’s adventures out West and another 50-odd pages of adventure, mishaps, close shaves and pursuit.

Our adaptable Nun countenances a spot of B&E, in order to disguise her appearance. (Might need a few decks of our rosary to get past that one.) She’s somewhat embarrassed by wearing a dress for the first time in ……ooh ever. We get a bit of her back story and learn of her troubled past and her brother, Christopher……abandonment and an orphanage, before that stealing to survive.

Muir advises her….”We cannot hold ourselves in debt to the people we were, Sister, "……”You’re the one taught me that.”

The pair flee on a steamer, fooling the soldiers guarding embarkation. Inevitably they get rumbled and make a hasty exit after causing a distraction….man overboard!

Just when you think, the worst has passed……the calm after the storm, etc - disaster strikes and we finish on another cliff-hanger.

Reading this on its own, or I guess any of them in isolation, they probably aren't going to make an awful lot of sense. As a sequential series – I’m loving them. 

Holborn has stirred the pot here. Our intrepid couple seem to be drawing ever closer…….could God have some competition from Abraham for our Sister Josephine’s affections?   

Maybe our ending has nipped that impure thought in the bud....

4 from 5


Stark Holborn whoever he or she is, has a website here and a presence on Twitter - @starkholborn


  1. Glad you liked this one, Col. Sr. Josephine continues to interest me every time you post a Nunslinger review. I like it too that in this one, Holburn shares a little more of her backstory. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Margot cheers. You probably couldn't get too much out of this on it's own, but as an on-going unfolding saga, I'm enjoying each bite-sized chunk.

  2. Glad you continue to like these ... there are ten altogether?

    1. Tracy, 12 total, I have read 5 now, but need to crack on and finish really.