Sunday 31 May 2015



The year is 1864. Sister Thomas Josephine is on her way from St Louis, Missouri, to Sacramento, California. During the course of her journey, however, she'll find that her faith requires her to take off her wimple and pick up a gun.

Amongst the frenzy and the greed of the Colorado silver mines, Sister Thomas Josephine finds that the murders she has been framed with are part of something larger and far more horrifying; the brainchild of a person whose obsession is too familiar to be coincidence. And what is worse, they know her weakness.

Finally nearing the end of her epic journey west, Sister Thomas Josephine finds her faith and her strength tested in unimaginable ways. But, with the help of some old friends and a few new, no low-down varmint stands a chance against her!

The newspapers have Sister Josephine pegged as dead, and Abraham Muir is set on drinking himself into an early grave, but when have you ever known the papers to print the truth?

Josephine’s ringer is lying in the dirt and she is one step closer to putting a stop to the bloodshed. 
Enlisting Templeton, the newspaperman responsible for spreading the word, often times falsely about her antics, our nun has a plan to get close to the enigmatic powerhouse Windrose via his daughter.

All is not as it seems and turning full circle……..come back to old blue eyes and Lieutenant Carthy…..

Another jolly jape, another 50-odd pages closer to the end of the road.

Action, character, setting and pace – all present in abundance.

4 from 5

Net Galley - Library copy


  1. Well, another close one for Sister Jospehine, Col! This really does seem like a neat little set of stories about a very interesting character. May just have to seek this out.

    1. I wish you luck if you do - bite-sized chunks the way to go, I think! :-)

  2. Col, just how popular is this series?

    1. Kind of hard to gauge really, on Amazon UK there was one review for each episode prior to me adding mine. There's a few more reviews for the whole thing, pretty much all of them positive. On - which serves the US, there were no episodic reviews before mine and none for the complete thing. Maybe it only got picked up by a UK publisher, which kind of surprises me.

  3. I checked today and the paperback is not available here. Fine for me right now as I would probably test out a couple as ebooks first anyway.

    1. I'm not sure whether to be surprised or not. US author, US setting, only released (print-wise) in the UK....a bit strange.