Friday 3 October 2014


September's pick of the month!
September was a month much like most of the others this year; one where I fell short of my nominal reading aim of ten books completed, regardless of whatever length they happened to be.

I managed eight, so it could have been less fruitful.

A couple of 5 stars among them, all the rest were 4's.

5 new-to-me's, 1 female (tut-tut), 5 American, 2 Canadian, 1 English.

5 books were e-reads and only 3 were hold in the hand, turn the pages books.

Of the 3 guys, I've read previously; Steinhauer was up to his usual standard and with Koenig and Kakonis - as a fan, I was delighted to see them both back with new books.

On my challenges, if I ever up date them - there was nothing from Down Under to tick off, nothing from Scotland either, nothing from the TBR Mountain challenge. Olen will fill a slot on the Espionage one. I can probably tick off a few states on my US challenge, if I ever get around to it. McKimmey will probably squeeze into the Vintage challenge somewhere. His book was the only thing read from the last century, with a 1958 book which I entered in Past Offences monthly meme.

Of the 2 - 5 star  contenders for book of the month. Sam Wiebe's Last of the Independents and Joseph Koenig's Really the Blues, I'll pick Wiebe's as the book of the month. His main character Mike Drayton shading it over Koenig's Eddie Piron - on the tiebreaker question of which one would I rather go to the pub with.

The runner-up!
Sam Wiebe - Last of the Independents - September's Book of the Month!

Tom Kakonis - Treasure Coast (4)

Judy Nedry - An Unholy Alliance (4)

Rob Brunet - Stinking Rich (4)

Sam Wiebe - Last of the Independents (5)

James McKimmey - The Perfect Victim (4)

Scott McKenzie - Drawing Dead (4)

Joseph Koenig - Really the Blues (5)

Olen Steinhauer - On the Lisbon Disaster (4)

Hopefully I can hit 10 reads in October!

Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise collates a monthly meme with fellow bloggers pick of the month. Head over and get some more additions to your TBR pile!


  1. Nice collection there, and you've added a few titles to my post-embargo list. By the time I'd decided to get the cheap Kindle Cairo Affair, the offer had ended. Can't decide whether I am pleased or not!

    1. Must be over soon this embargo? Can't stay in place forever - jealous of your resolve though!

  2. Col - Glad to hear that you had so many '4s' and '5s' among your reads this month. And you've reminded me that I should check out the Wiebe, for which thanks.

    1. Margot thanks. Definitely watch for the Wiebe!

  3. Col, so many new authors to keep an eye out for. They never stop coming, do they?!

    1. It's pretty relentless, Prashant, never-ending!

  4. Very interesting set of books there. I will definitely try the Wiebe book, although I cannot guarantee when.

    1. No busting rush Tracy, it will be waiting until you're ready!