Tuesday 14 October 2014


Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise collates a blogger's meme regarding new authors discovered every quarter. I've been a bit slack - ok rubbish actually in keeping up with various challenges and meme's lately, but thought it was time to catch up. 

Having discovered 25 of the 30 books read July to September were by new authors, I thought I would go back and see what the stats were prior to that.

Second quarter saw 6 books read April, 7 in May and only 3 in June. Of the 16 books read, 13 were by previously untried authors, I do like trying new stuff apparently!

Legal thriller
April's 3 new authors below in detail.

David Delee - Cop Shot (4)

Araminta Hall - Dot (3)

A.J. Riccio -  Only the Strong Survive (2)

The full list of May reads with links is as follows - all new!
Pascal Garnier - The Front Seat Passenger (5)

Alexander Baron - The Human Kind (5)

Daniel Tremblay - The Harbour Master (4)

Claire Duffy - Identity Part 1 (4)

A.E.Greystone - A Prospect of Death (5)

R.C. O'Leary - Hallways in the Night (5)

Terry Irving - Courier (4)

June's reads were as follows - all new!
Nic Pizzolatto - Galveston (5)

Phil Hogan - A Pleasure and a Calling (4)

Mark Kotting - Teach Her (4)

5 x 5 STAR READS, 6 x 4 FOUR STAR READS FROM 13 - maybe I should only read new stuff, that would reduce the pile a bit!


  1. Col, reading about the "new stuff" is what I like about your blog. What slack are you talking about? If my arithmetic is right, 38 books by new authors over two quarters is excellent, and would be nothing short of a miracle for me.

    1. I think I'm reading far less overall this year than last. Not even read 50% of last year's total with only 2 and a half months of the year to go. All my good intentions have come to nought!

      Happy with what I have read in general - especially the new stuff, just disappointed that the numbers are done, for whatever reason. Roll on 2015!

  2. Col - I have to agree with you about The Front Seat Passenger. Fine piece of writing, isn't it? And you're reminding me that I want to try Hallways in the Night. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Margot - in total agreement. I'm looking to read more from Garnier, if not this year then definitely next. I hope you enjoy HALLWAYS if you get to it.

  3. Well I've got Dot in my pile now after our first names challenge! The others would all be new to me too - you really are inclusive in your reading.

    1. I'm going to have to become less inclusive if I'm going to tackle the TBR piles next year! I'm still waiting for DOT to pop up on your blog.

  4. I am mostly interested in Nic Pizzolatto - Galveston and the Pascal Garnier book. Are all of his books stand alone novels?

    1. Garnier's books are all standalone I believe, plus they are relatively short - most if not all are less than 200 pages, probably under 150 - another bonus.