Monday 17 June 2019


Last month's reading was a bit of a disappointment numbers-wise as my reading mojo departed to unknown parts - seven books completed in the month when my minimum aim is double digits. That said the ones I did read were enjoyed.

The 5 STAR stand out and pick of the month was Peter Temple's An Iron Rose. I do need to read more from him.

4.5 STARS - Samuel W. Gailey and The Guilt We Carry

4 STARS - Lee Matthew Goldberg and The Desire Card, T.R. Kenneth's A Room Full of Night and Lawrence Block's The Ehrengraf Fandango

3.5 STARS - Michael J. Clark's Mahoney's Camaro

3 STARS - Eugene Marten and Waste

I spent time in the company of......

an unlikable alcoholic banker, seeking a black market liver transplant

an ex-cop suspicious about the apparent suicide of a close friend

a recovery truck driver with a new car complete with the ghost of the previous owner

a grieving journo investigating some Third Reich secrets

a janitor with a taste for necrophilia

a young women carrying a heavy load and seeking to escape her past with a series of bad choices

a lawyer who always wins for his client without ever visiting a courtroom

Settings..... New York and Mumbai; Victorian outback, Australia; Winnipeg, Canada; small town Wisconsin, Berlin then further afield; NY City; one of the Carolina states and a few other US locations (must make notes in future); Buffalo, USA

Lee Matthew Goldberg - The Desire Card (2019) (4)

Peter Temple - An Iron Rose (1998) (5)

Michael J. Clark - Mahoney's Camaro (2019) (3.5)

T.R. Kenneth - A Room Full of Night (2019) (4)

Eugene Marten - Waste (2008) (3)

Samuel W. Gailey - The Guilt We Carry (2019) (4.5)

Lawrence Block - The Ehrengraf Fandango (2014)  (4)

If you're not asleep yet - anal analysis for my own amusement - read on if you're an insomniac ......

New to me authors in the month - 4 - Michael J. Clark, T.R. Kenneth, Eugene Marten and Samuel W. Gailey

I have more on the pile to read from Eugene Marten, Samuel W. Gailey and Michael J. Clark

Authors enjoyed before - 3 - Lee Matthew Goldberg, Lawrence Block and Peter Temple

There's more on the TBR pile from all 3 of them

7 reads from 7 different authors. 

1 was a series book.....

The Desire Card by Lee Matthew Goldberg. The second in the series appears later this year 

Gender analysis - 1 female author, 6 male.

Another poor attempt at diversity in my reading, and the same as March and April!
It looks like I'll have to sort out another all-female reading month later in the year to address the imbalance.

Of the 7 different authors read, 5 hailed from the USA1 from Canada1 from Australia

All 7 of the reads were fiction, 

6 of the 7 books read were published this century 

4 from 2019, 1 from 2014 and 1 from 2008

1 book was from 1998, 

2 came from the man-cave blue tub stash in my garage.

Publishers -  Fahrenheit Press x 1, ECW Press x 1, Ellipsis Press x 1, Oceanview Publishing x 2, Harper Collins, Australia x 1, LB Productions x 1

3 of the 7 reads were pre-owned,

1 was accessed at Net Galley early reviewer site, cheers to publisher ECW Press 

2 were accessed at Edelweiss - Above the Treeline, early reviewer site, thanks to Oceanview Publishing

1 was received directly from the author - cheers to Lee Matthew Goldberg

Favourite cover? Mahoney's Camaro - Michael J. Clark

 Second favourite cover - Eugene Marten - Waste


My reads were this long 312 - 288 - 314 - 352 - 116 - 304 - 26

Total page count = 1712 (1714 in April) ....... pretty much the same as last month

1 was a Kindle reads, 3 were ePub files read on the laptop,  3 were paperbacks, 

1 < 50,
0 between 51 < 100,
1 between 101 < 200,
1 between 201 < 300,
4 between 301 < 400,
0 > 400 pages

T.R. Kenneth and A Room Full of Night was the longest read at 352 pages

Lawrence Block and The Ehrengraf Fandango was the shortest at 26 pages long.


  1. Sorry to hear you lost your reading mojo, Col. I hope you'll get it back. I am glad you had some good reads, though, even if they weren't all best-evers. Not surprised, to be honest, that the Temple topped your list. He was a highly talented author, and is greatly missed.

    1. Only temporary, Margot. I'm back in the swing of things again thankfully. A decent month overall and Temple was the tops. Nice that we both have high regard for his work.

  2. Glad to see the Peter Temple up there in the top spot. I have the first of his Jack Irish novels on (suspended) order from the library, and we've been enjoying some of the TV adaptations.

    1. Looking forward to seeing what you think of his work. I'll have to look into the TV series, I hadn't known there was one.

  3. A 5 puts AN IRON ROSE on my list. Thanks for the monthly summary, Col.

    1. Elgin, that's the one I would push your way most strongly. Anything by him would come recommended though.

  4. I am glad I came back and found your list of May books, so that I am alerted to the Peter Temple book.

    1. Me too, I hope you can find it at the book sale, maybe.