Wednesday 19 June 2019



Handcuffed, on your knees, watching another man dig your grave.

That's where Rick Steen finds himself in CEMETERY PLOT, a suspenseful short story by veteran author Steve Brewer, creator of the Bubba Mabry mysteries.

In this hard-boiled story, set in rural Arkansas, crosses and double-crosses pile up, and nobody walks away unbloodied.

A thrilling short story by a master of the genre!

Another quick bump to the reading stats with this Steve Brewer short story, available at Amazon on it's own and acquired through a current Kindle Unlimited monthly trial.

Three guys, a car ride, a trunk, handcuffs, a pistol, a missing bale of marijuana and one severely annoyed dealer, a black cemetery on the edge of town, a six foot shovel, some manual labour, and a confrontation........things don't end well for any of our characters

Eleven pages, and a good fun read..... dialogue, action, well-described events and setting, interesting characters - shady of course and another reminder, not that it was needed of how much I enjoy this author's work. Next...

4 from 5

Read in June, 2019
Published - 2013
Page count - 11
Source - Kindle Unlimited trial
Format - kindle


  1. This sounds power-packed, Col - lots happening in the one short story. And now I'm wondering how that buy got himself in that dealer's bad graces... I like the setting for this one, too. Glad you thought it was a good 'un.

    1. Thanks Margot. I know I'm in for an enjoyable time when I'm reading Steve Brewer.

  2. Brewer’s works are on my list of stories to get to. Thanks, Col.

    1. I don't know whether he still writes shorts or not. The 5 I downloaded are all from around 2012/2013. I have enjoyed these sharp bursts from him.