Tuesday 13 February 2018



How would you live today, if you knew there was no tomorrow?

Follow the lives of three ordinary people as one tragic day unfolds that changes everything:

Country girl Laura, struggling to cope with her move to London. Frugal John, desperately saving to get on the property ladder and womaniser Charlie, racing through as many conquests as he can.

Today is a story of the struggles of modern life, society's obsession with planning for the future, and the lack of control we have over the hand fate deals us.

Praise for Today: 

"Today is a cracking tale of contemporary life in the unforgiving city that is modern day London. Both disturbing and thought-provoking in equal measure." Ian Ayris, author of Abide with Me and April Skies.

"“Really taps into the melancholy of modern times” – Sid Lambert, author of Cashing In.

A quick read at just over 100 pages and not one of my usual crime fictions reads. It's more of a take on today's society and the busy lifestyles people immerse themselves in. Careers, the property ladder and in the case of one of our trio - the superficiality of looking good and scoring the next notch on the bedpost with another casual sexual encounter - albeit trysts undertaken with military-type planning.

Three beings set for a life-changing collision and a real "wake up and smell the roses" moment - well for two of them at least.

Laura has a job she despises. Always hoping for the best, working hard, putting in the hours, but cruelly taken advantage of by her bosses. Separation from family and no friends in the big city. She hopes things will get better, but deep down knows they won't. Afraid to stay put, but afraid to return home a failure and face the mocking of her home-town friends.

John is saving every penny, denying himself any pleasures in life. Even the small ones, lunch at the pub, a drink after work. Permanently dreaming of the property ladder and saving the deposit (only another year in the crappy bedsit). Counting the pennies and crossing the days off the calendar when he can get his own place and begin his life.

Chris - if he was made out of chocolate he'd eat himself, only the calories might go and spoil his ripped look. Permanent gym trips, skin-tight clothes to enhance the abs. Moisturiser, product and tanning aids. He's got to look the part for the next date and the next meaningless, soulless exchange of bodily fluids.

One event affects all three.

Overall, I really liked it, though with Chris I felt as if I'd met him before in Webber's other book - Lad. No harm in that, as he was interesting and entertaining to read about.

A bit of a message with this one - live for today and grab some happiness while you can.

4 from 5

Andrew Webber's Lad was on the blog here. He's on Twitter - @mrandrewwebber

Read in February, 2018
Published - 2015
Page count - 109
Source - Kindle Unlimited
Format - Kindle


  1. This sounds interesting, Col. And it is interesting to think how one event can change everything. Sometimes it's not a bad thing at all to read something that's not the usual fare...

    1. Margot, I ought to try and mix up my reading a bit more going forward. The crime will always be waiting for me!

  2. I like the sound of this, more than the previous book you reviewed by him. Could be worth a punt.

    1. It's not expensive and it's not long - crack on then!

  3. This writer is turning out some interesting work. Now he’s got two on my TBR list. Thanks for the review.