Friday 9 February 2018



"Answers to Soldier" marked Keller's first appearance—and I never expected to write more about the wistful hit man. But time passed, and I got to thinking about him. I figured he was just the sort of Urban Lonely Guy to find himself on a psychotherapist's couch. And if the shrink has an ex-wife, and the ex-wife has a dog, well, you can see how one thing might lead to another...

"Keller's Therapy" appeared first in Playboy, and won an Edgar Allan Poe award as the best short story of the year. And it launched Keller on a continuing career as a series character...

BOOM - another near 40 pages of fun and games with Block and Keller.

Keller, my favourite hitman goes to see a shrink, taking precautions to secure his identity and his occupation. However our man eventually lets down his guard and our insightful and somewhat calculating therapist has a proposal for him, albeit one expressed somewhat obliquely.

Keller has his own way of solving people's problems, enough said.

I've read this episode before as part of the longer release - Hitman. Third time of reading and it never gets old.

Block has such an assured way with his characters, his pacing, his setting, his stories and his everyday observations - to say he's extremely gifted would be a massive understatement.

4 from 5

If you've not read him before, do yourself a favour and give him a whirl.

Read in January, 2018
Published - 1993 originally, (kindle release 2013)
Page count - 38
Source - owned copy
Format - Kindle


  1. That is a terrific context for a story, Col. And you're right about Block's talent as a writer. He's very good at what he does...

    1. Margot, it's amazing what mileage he can get out of ordinary situations.

  2. Totally agree - great stuff. This is an excellent story.

    1. Agreed - your forward to seeing some more Keller over at yours!