Thursday 15 June 2017



From the Bestselling author of A Chaser on the Rocks and More Faces, comes the noir novella series: Bongo Fury. Follow Maltman’s new protagonist as he tries to balance a music shop, his paramilitary family, a newborn, a little drug dealing and a spot of private detection.

A black comedy from the fresh new voice in Northern Irish Crime Fiction.

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“A flair for adrenalin-packed action and unpredictable characters.”
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“The mood is cynical, the wisecracks are plentiful.”
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“You hit the ground running and it’s a sprint finish.”

Crime Book Junkie

Another short but entertaining read from Simon Maltman.

Kind of a long short story and the start of a series featuring a likeable part-time drug-dealing, music shop owner Jimmy Black.

I do like to read pieces set against a backdrop of conflict and division and there's possibly no better example of that than Northern Ireland. Our tale has Black doing a favour for a mate and getting himself into some hot water. Conflict resolution is the order of the day, but not something readily achieved without resorting to a bit of violence.

Interesting character is Mr Black, who fancies himself a bit as a part-time philosopher.

Yeah I'm a Prod, from an estate in Northern Ireland - but that doesn't define me. I've got a fucking literature degree - I've read Mansfield Park - okay? I actually quite liked it too. Anyway, I suppose I better go back to the start. 

Humour, setting, dialogue, a problem to fix, action, resolution - job done. I'm looking forward to more Jimmy Black stories in future. hopefully featuring a bit of inter-action from the other side of the religious divide.

4 from 5

Simon Maitland has a Facebook presence here and is on Twitter - @simonmaltman  

More Faces his short story collection was enjoyed. Review here.  

Bongo Fury goes on sale today.

Read in June 2017
Published - 2017
Page count - 40
Source - ARC from author.
Format - PDF


  1. I do like that dark wit, Col. And I have to admit to a soft spot for music, music stores, and so on. I can see why this one appealed to you.

    1. I'm with you Margot, I like some dark wit and you can't go wrong with a bit of music as a back-drop. It definitely adds to the feel of a tale.

  2. Irish setting always promising...

    1. I think I'll enjoy more short adventures in this series and yes the setting is a big plus for me.

  3. Sounds promising. I thought you had read something else by the author, I remember the photo.

    1. I haven't added him to my list of authors that I feel compelled to read everything they wrote, but I have enjoyed this and the previous one.