Monday 17 August 2020



It took just one bad decision to put his whole life in jeopardy

Tough-talking London Detective Inspector Jack Lisbon now faces a life-changing choice – seek justice or exact vengeance

After a young fighter takes a beating for throwing a bout, DI Lisbon makes a decision that will come back to haunt him – he accepts a bribe to look the other way. With everything poised to go pear-shaped, the embattled cop embarks on a path that could destroy his career, or save him from destruction. One thing you can be sure of, ex-boxer Lisbon never backs down from a fight!

The twist at the end will leave you breathless!

⭐ A story of evil and redemption

⭐ The characters leap off the page

⭐ Jack Lisbon is a kick-ass investigator who packs a punch

⭐ An action-packed page-turner

Follow Jack Lisbon's journey in the upcoming series: "The Fighting Detective"

A cracking 50-odd page introduction to a new series character from Blair Denholm.

A dodgy cop with some dodgy cop mates, more than one fix in the works, a reneging on an agreement, a violent falling out, retribution, an escalation, consequences to health, wealth, career and romance, payback, a new resolution and a fresh start. Welcome to Aus!

Fast, violent, a cop more motivated towards his own personal interests than being a servant to justice. I shouldn't particularly warm to this hard-drinking reprobate, but he's got me rooting for him. I kind of think the new reformed Jack Lisbon is going to be more of the same old Jack Lisbon. Never dull, fond of the drink and a bit of an opportunist.

I'm looking forward to reading more about him in the future. Hopefully in some longer adventures though if push comes to shove I'll settle for some short episodes.   

Decent characters, interesting enough story without offering anything radically new, London setting, entertaining, does what is says on the tin.

4 from 5

Blair Denholm is fast turning into a favourite Aussie author mine. Sold, Sold to the Devil and Boyd and Sarge: NYPD Law and Disorder have all been enjoyed before.

Read - August, 2020
Published - 2020
Page count - 50
Source - review copy from author
Format - ePUB read on laptop


  1. That in itself is a good thing, Col, in my opinion: Does what it says on the tin. Not all stories do that. It sounds like this one's got a fast pace and lots going on. I'm glad you enjyoed it.

  2. I am glad you are enjoying this author's books, Col. It will be interesting how the series does.

    1. I'm quite looking forward to the next entry, Tracy.

  3. If you liked it, I will too. Just ordered it.