Thursday 13 February 2020



These two cops will have you roaring with laughter

Officer Boyd and the Sarge are the dumbest cops around. DO NOT call them in an emergency
Incompetent yet lovable, hapless Boyd and long-suffering Sarge have become a huge hit online.

Their legion of loyal fans eagerly await daily episodes full of ridiculous humor.

Find out why Twitter goes crazy every day over their antics.

˃˃˃ Readers can't get enough Boyd and Sarge
"Boyd and Sarge are the busiest pair of comic-cops in the world. Not only are they fighting crime on the streets, but also battling their personal demons, and verbally fencing with each other to hilarious effect. Sarge spares no punches, but Boyd bounces right back up with the most outrageous explanations. The misadventures of Boyd and Sarge generate a laugh a minute - each tweet-sized piece is a brilliant, tongue-firmly-in-cheek commentary that uses the pun to dazzle and delight"

"Sarge and Boyd are a great way to start your morning off with laughter"If you're a fan of The Far Side by Gary Larson, there's a good chance you'll love Boyd and Sarge"

"There are times when his humor is subtle, when it catches the reader a beat after the piece is read. Other times, it is in your face, and one is rolling on the floor in belly laughs"

"I first discovered Boyd and Sarge on Twitter when I stared following the author. Every day, I began looking forward to these Twitter-sized bites of cleverly crafted play-on-words that brimmed with slapstick comedic timing.

So imagine my delight when I jokingly suggested to the author that he should compile all his Boyd and Sarge tweets into a book, and he replied that he had!

This book makes a brilliant gift for the granddad, dad, uncle or adult brother in your life - or anyone who enjoys the bumbling antics of a PG15+ Laurel and Hardy or Mr Bean.

Boyd and Sarge are two unforgettable characters who never fail to bring about a belly laugh with their antics."

˃˃˃ Packed with puns, dad jokes, black humor and fantastic illustrations, everyone will love Boyd and the Sarge
If you're a fan of The Far Side by Gary Larson, there's a good chance you'll love Boyd and Sarge.

Scroll up and grab your copy today.

Best book ever?

No, but enjoyable enough and one that raised a few smiles, a few chuckles and a few groans at the corniness of some of the puns and punchlines. A few of the jokes were telegraphed or more likely had been heard before - Christmas Cracker or the Knock Knock type of thing. I probably managed to avoid an out and out belly laugh and an accompanying roll around on the floor, but each time I put the book down - I think I read it in three short bursts - I was in a better mood than when I'd picked it up. There's a lot to be said for that.

Plenty of little encounters between our two cops, each episode coming in at a length that would please Twitter. I think they all were tweets at one stage.

Cop encounters, stupidity, criminals, judges, wives, girlfriends, partners, driving...... a smorgasbord of characters and scenarios.

There some smart cartoons as well depicting our hapless double act which I liked.

Blair Denholm's Sold was a fantastic read for me - a crime novel with liberal doses of black humour. I have to say I preferred that more.

3 from 5

Read - January, 2020
Published - 2019
Page count - 122
Source - review copy from author
Format - PDF


  1. I've been following the Boyd and Sarge bets on Twitter, Col, and some of them really are funny. I'm glad you got some smiles from this one. I'm interested in seeing if Denholm does a follow-up to Sold; I could see at least another novel featuring Gary Braswell.

    1. Margot, I'm hoping for another Gary Braswell novel soon. He has something in the pipeline he tells me, I'm not sure what though.

  2. I like the illustration on the cover. Sounds like fun.

    1. The illustrations were good Tracy. I had a good time with the book overall.