Friday 21 February 2020



Hacker and thief Zoe Zimmerman and her team have been responsible for some of the most inexplicable and ingenious heists of the last few of years but what does a professional thief do for Christmas?

Zoe uses her ill-gotten gains to take her decidedly un-criminal Gran and sister to a luxury country hotel. It should be all fine wine, gourmet food and luxury spa treatments and perhaps it would have been if Zoe hadn’t decided to pull a job right under their noses.

Unfortunately, without her team, Zoe has to watch her own back. And without eyes in the back of her head will she be able to see who is coming to destroy her plans?

A festive Kilchester offering from author Adam Maxwell, which somewhat predictably I didn't manage to read during the holiday season. Late January for me.

Here Zoe the leader of her gang of outlaws is riding solo as far as her latest criminal caper is concerned, though she has a couple of family members in tow. A hotel break over the festive period is the perfect cover for her latest scheme. Unfortunately the rest of her party prove to be a little bit distracting. We get to meet the maverick grandmother and her sister ....... and there's plenty of spikiness and sibling rivalry on display with the two sisters a bit resentful and distrustful of each other. It's a thin line between love and hate apparently.

Best book ever? No, but lots to like. We get to know our main character a bit better and as usual Maxwell serves up some slapstick humour with a few scenes that had me chuckling.

Probably not a spoiler to advise that one of our outcomes sees a bit of peace and harmony restored to the family Zimmerman.

4 from 5

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Read - January, 2020
Published - 2019
Page count - 93
Source - review copy from author
Format - Kindle


  1. This sounds like a fun novel to read, Col. Debbie Ocean going solo, perhaps?!

    1. Thanks for the reminder of that film, I haven't seen it yet. Lots to like here Prashant.

  2. I agree with Prashant, Col. This does sound like a fun read, even if it isn't exactly your best read ever. And I like the setup and the mixing in of family and the main plot. When it's done well, that can really work. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Margot, there was a lot more to enjoy than dislike which is all I hope for in my reading.

  3. Sounds like fun and a nice length.