Saturday 12 November 2016



Clint had woken up in some strange places in his time. Narcolepsy is like that. But even he had never woken up on a golf course next to a dead body. Until today.

When one of his friends reveals himself to be a detective Clint jumps at the chance to tag along. But his friend is an idiot. And the police are beginning to suspect that he was involved. The identity of the killer seems obvious but can Clint get to the bottom of the mystery and save his own skin before the stag party catches him?

Murder. Intrigue. Alcohol. Detectives. Clues. Golf. Laxatives. What else do you need?

Another short story/book to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Best story ever? No but I do like Adam Maxwell's entertaining writing style.

We have our man Clint, a narcoleptic plotting revenge on a group of friends on a stag do - a bit of schoolboy humour and a prank with some strong laxatives. All goes to plan, but fast forward and Clint wakes up in a bunker on the golf course next to a corpse.

The police fancy him for the murder, but with some questioning of the witnesses in the vicinity, some applied logic and a bit of luck Clint can clear himself........always assuming he can stay awake long enough.

A couple of lines I really liked.....

Waking up in public with subtlety is something that's difficult to achieve.

It's amazing how much information you can glean from an idiot with a personality bypass.

3.5 from 5

I've read Adam Maxwell previously - Dial M for Monkey (short stories) and his novel The Dali Deception.

Adam has his website here. He's on Twitter - @LostBookshop

Read in October, 2016
Copy received from author after a sign-up on his blog/website
Kindle read - 27 pages.


  1. Oh, I do like those lines you shared, Col! And it sounds like a great setup for one of those darkly funny stories. Glad you found some things to like.

    1. Margot he's a talented writer. More from him on the pile!

  2. I am interested in the Dali Deception. Maxwell sounds like an interesting author.

  3. Tracy, I think you would enjoy THE DALI DECEPTION if you get to it.

  4. Col – You said the magic words: entertaining writing style. I’ll give his stories a try. Thanks.

    1. Elgin cheers - hope you enjoy what you find.

  5. So it's nothing to do with another novel called The Murder on the Links?

    1. Haha - no. I think I would find this short one more entertaining than the AC offering, but I'll never know for sure.