Saturday 22 August 2020



What would you do if..

..someone offered you a great job with a company car, an expense account and the chance to drive the girl of your dreams around all day? You'd bite their hand off, right?

What if the guy offering the job is a violent gangster and the girl of your dreams is his only daughter? Still keen?

Ross Fleming decides to go for it but his dreams turn into nightmares as the girl takes him on a ride he'll never forget.

Revenge, justice, loyalty, lies, love, anger and an identity crisis. Turns out, the new chauffeur is not her only driver.

My first outing with author Peter Carroll, but after enjoying this one, definitely not my last.

Scottish crime, mostly in the company of villains and reprobates, lots of complicated relationships and family histories and secrets, different motivations for our main characters which puts them in conflict with each other.

Best book ever? No but really enjoyable. I like reading about criminal sorts and their antics. They're usually a lot more interesting than honest Joes. Great dynamics at play here. Just the book I needed to get me in the reading mood, after stalling while reading something else.

Setting, pace, plot, character, outcome - all ticks in the box.

4 from 5

Peter Carroll is the author of the DI Adam Stark series of books. There's a couple on the pile. I'll be interested in seeing what he does with keepers of the peace rather than law breakers.

Read - July, 2020
Published - 2014
Page count - 186
Source - owned copy
Format - Kindle


  1. I like the premise of this one, Col. I mean, all sorts of things are bound to happen if you agree to drive a gangster's daughter around! And I do like a bit of family dynamics in a story if it's done well. Glad you liked this.

    1. Thanks Margot. Family dynamics do make for a great story in the right hands.

  2. This one does have an interesting premise, but I have too much to read and this one doesn't appeal that much.

    1. Fair enough, Tracy. I don't suppose you're struggling for books!