Monday 16 September 2019


A couple from prolific author Max Allan Collins.

Collins has a written a shed load of books and some fantastic series - Nolan, Quarry, Nathan Heller, Road to Perdition, Mike Hammer - continuing the late Mickey Spillane's series and lots more besides.

A few years ago, I used to read Collins on a monthly basis, working my way through his Nolan series, before embarking on the Quarry books. I got somewhat distracted after a few (three) and fell away from the author and series. Hopefully I'll get a bit more order in my reading in 2020 and continue where I left off. I was enjoying myself.

The good news is with another book in the series getting published this year - Killing Quarry - I'll have twelve to catch up on - a whole year's does of Quarry at a pace of one a month.

Links to my thoughts on the ones I've read - all the Nolan's and three of the Quarry's below - as well as a list of the whole series.


1. Bait Money (1973)
2. Blood Money (1973)
3. Fly Paper (1981)
4. Hush Money (1981)
5. Hard Cash (1981)
6. Scratch Fever (1982)
7. Spree (1987)
8. Mourn the Living (1988)


1. Quarry (1976)
2. Quarry's List (1976)
3. Quarry's Deal (1976)
4. Quarry's Cut (1977)
5. Primary Target (1987)  aka Quarry's Vote
6. Quarry's Greatest Hits (2003)
7. The Last Quarry (2006)
8. The First Quarry (2008)
9. Quarry in the Middle (2009)
10. Quarry's Ex (2010)
11. The Wrong Quarry (2014)
12. Quarry's Choice (2015)
13. Quarry in the Black (2016)
14. Quarry's Climax (2017)
15. Killing Quarry (2019)

The First Quarry (2008)


Crime fiction readers know Quarry, the ruthless killer-for-hire, from Max Allan Collins' acclaimed novels - most recently THE LAST QUARRY, which told the story of the assassin's final assignment (and was the basis for the feature film The Last Lullaby).

But where did Quarry's story start? For first time ever, the best-selling author of ROAD TO PERDITION takes us back to the beginning, revealing the never-before-told story of Quarry's first job: infiltrating a college campus and eliminating a professor whose affair with one of his beautiful, young students is the least of his sins.

Quarry in the Middle (2009)

The enigmatic hitman Quarry - star of secen celebrated novels and an award-winning feature film (The Last Lullaby) - is back in this violent, steamy tale of warring crime families.

When two rival casino owners covet the same territory, guess who puts himself in the crossfire......


  1. He is a prolific author, Col! It is interesting, isn't it, how we read a series or an author loyally for a while...and then fall away from it. I've done the same thing. Hope you'll enjoy these.

    1. Margot, definitely strange. I've done it with more than Collins - Pronzini, Block, Crais and John D McDonald (hangs head in shame...)