Sunday 8 September 2019

AUGUST, 2019 - 31 DAYS, 31 SHORTS!

Another exercise undertaken for the 4th consecutive year. Usual rules applied, some days I skipped, some days I read more than one, especially as I was away the arse end of the month.

Some are recent, some are from a few years ago, some are from authors I love..... Preston Lang, Matt Phillips, Paul D. Brazill, Aidan Thorn etc etc

Previous years links below

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AUGUST, 2018 - 31 DAYS, 31 SHORTS!

1st     J.M. Taylor - A Quick-Silver Pay Out (Out of the Gutter Online)

2nd   Jeffrey A. Cooper - Jack Was a Thief (Sketchy Types - Jeffrey A. Cooper's website)

3rd    Martin Zeigler - Three Ring Binder (Shotgun Honey)   

4th     Mark SaFrancoCream (Suspense Magazine)

5th    C.J. GrantThe Job (Close to the Bone)

6th    John Stevens The Thunderbird Motel (Close to the Bone)

7th    Beau Johnson - No Offence to Mr. Neeson (Spelk Fiction)

8th    Aidan Thorn - A Conversation with a Stranger (Spelk Fiction)

9th    Jason Beech - A Conversational Robbery (Out of the Gutter Online)

10th   Jeffrey A. Cooper - Trouble Man (Sketchy Types - Jeffrey A. Cooper's website)

11th   Jesse "Heels" Rawlins - The Bayou Boobie Blues (Punk Noir Magazine)

12th   Brandon Sears - Deep Woods Despatched (Shotgun Honey)

13th   Roy Dorman - To Be Opened Upon My Death (Out of the Gutter Online)

14th   Roy Dorman - Claire's Close Call (Yellow Mama Webzine)

15th   Paul D. Brazill - The Last Shot (Close to the Bone)

16th   Tom Leins - Scumbags with Bumbags (Spelk Fiction)

17th    Brandon BarrowsAbove Water (

18th    Beau Johnson - My Kingdom for a Fence (Spelk Fiction)

19th    Brian Morse - The Buttered Pig (Shotgun Honey)

20th    Paul Matts - Spade, Rose and Blood (Punk Noir Magazine)

21st    Preston LangThree Minutes Thirty-Nine Seconds (Spelk Fiction)

22nd   Don Stoll - Trust (Punk Noir Magazine)

23rd    Paul GreenbergDollar Sign on the Baby (Out of the Gutter Online)

24th    Matt PhillipsRole Player (Out of the Gutter Online)

25th    Jesse "Heels" RawlinsKiss Me Goodbye, Baby … (Spelk Fiction)

26th    Bill BaberThose Three Days (Dead Guns Press

27th    Preston Lang - Spray (Shotgun Honey)

28th    Robert Ragan - Positive Role Model (Punk Noir Magazine)

29th    David JaggersInterrogation (Spelk Fiction)

30th    Albert Tucher - The Rule of Three (Shotgun Honey)

31st    Bill BaberYou Were Supposed to Be (Yellow Mama Webzine)


  1. Cheers for the inclusion, Col.

    1. Jason, you're welcome mate. Just need to get to some of your longer work now!

  2. Thanks for including 'Scumbags with Bumbags', Col!

    1. Ha - ditto my remarks to Jason. You're longer stuff is stacking up!

  3. Thanks for including me Col. Paul

    1. Paul, my pleasure. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more of your work.

    2. Thanks for reading Col!

    3. Bill, you're more than welcome sir

  4. I love it that there are some great short stories out there. I appreciate your sharing them, Col.

    1. Thanks Margot. I'm spoiled for choice really.

  5. This is a great idea. A few years ago I read mostly short stories in February but I haven't tried it since. I certainly have enough books of short stories and reading short stories online is also a good way to go.

    1. Tracy, thanks. I'm hoping to do this twice a year from now on - maybe February and August - assuming I remember! I've a fair few collections myself I ought to read.