Monday 31 July 2017



It's a bad idea for a drug courier on the job to pick up a woman in a roadside bar. Cyril learns this lesson when the sultry-voiced girl he brings back to his motel room holds him up at gunpoint. But Willow isn't the only one after the goods. A fast talking sex-offender and his oversized neighbor are also on the trail, as is Cyril's sinister brother, Duane. Willow and Cyril soon form an uneasy alliance based on necessity, lust, and the desire for a quick payday. But with so many dangerous players giving chase, will they nab their package? If you like Tim Dorsey, Laurence Shames, and Carl Hiaasen, The Carrier will be right up your alley!

Another one from over a year ago and my second outing with author Preston Lang.

No great detail about this one has been seared into the memory banks unfortunately, but it was enjoyed for sure.

A drug courier gets ripped off and subsequent events see him trying to recover the goods and avoid getting killed as a consequence. I seem to recall him coming into conflict with his brother, the man who got him the job as a delivery boy.

How it ends? I can't remember but even if I could I wouldn't tell you.

Scored at a 4.5 from 5

158 pages, short, pacey, drugs, sex, conflict, outlaws, interesting characters - what more do you need from your reading? Me personally - nothing.

I can always read it again if I fancy rediscovering events.

I absolutely loved the Lang's novel - The Blind Rooster - thoughts here.

Another of his sits on the device - The Sin Tax and I'm tempted to get his short story collection, This One is Trouble - completist that I am. I can't help it, Lang writes the types of stories I like to read.

Preston Lang has his website here. Catch him on Twitter@LangReads

The Carrier was originally published by the now defunct outfit 280 Steps. I believe the author has re-issued this one himself with a new cover.

Read in July, 2016
Published - 2014
Page count - 158
Source - purchased copy
Format - Kindle

If you fancy sampling his work, he recently had a short story up at Tough website - Primeval Ugly.


  1. That's an interesting premise for a story, Col. And it's interesting how we can be left with an impression that a story was good or not, even without remembering every detail.

    1. I'm quite good at recording my reads after finishing them - a date and a rating or score. I do try and assemble a few thoughts on each book soon after I read them, but last year and earlier this year, I took a couple of extended breaks from the blog. A few fuzzy reviews and jumbled thoughts are the consequence. Generally skimming the Kindle gives me a bit of ammo for a post. I'll try and read THE SIN TAX or the short story collection soon, so I can do his work some justice!

  2. I don't think it matters if you remember all the details as long as you remember you enjoyed the book. Glad to hear this author writes what you like.

    1. You're right. I think I'll be bumping Lang's third book up the pile for a read soon.

  3. Sounds like fun. And, as always, if you liked it – good chance I will too.

    1. I'd really recommend THE BLIND ROOSTER as well.