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The devilish girls of Sigma Tau Nu

There's simply nothing they wouldn't do-
1958: Sandra Delites is packed off to college in Connecticut after an ‘incident’ with another girl. Her father thinks a small town university will be just the thing to straighten her out, only he hasn’t reckoned on the sisters of Sigma Tau Nu. Not just any sorority, their rites are bloody and the girls are hot – but not for the boys! President Trixie Faust sees a lot of potential in the newest pledge and Sandra is eager to learn: the thrill of the kill is just the beginning for these college girls gone wild.

Halloween will be extra scary this year. Forget black cats, you don’t want one of these sisters to cross your path.

"Wynd delivers the usual excellence in Satan’s Sorority. The hopes and dreams of college life distilled brilliantly into devil worship, orgies and murder, deftly handled by the order to leave the readers thinking ‘damn, I really picked the wrong University’. Therein lies the genius of Graham Wynd." -Adele Wearing (Fox Spirit Books)

"Having read some of Wynd's shorter fiction I had a good idea what to expect. I wasn't disappointed. I read through the quickly - a sure sign that it's a thumping good read. Top marks here, Wynd is a talent I'd love to read more from." - Darren Sant (author of The Bank Manager and the Bum and Tales from the Longcroft)

Number Thirteen Press is publishing #13 quality crime novellas in #13 months, on the 13th of each month.

Another enjoyable outing with Number 13 Press and another novella I read last year and never got around to posting a few thoughts on.

Graham Wynd AKA K.A. Laity dishes up some pulpy, pervy fun in a tale set in late 50s America.

College girls, a secret sorority, Satanism, sex within the sisterhood, a naïve but rebellious Sandra, a disappointed parent, an interfering aunt, some arrogant frat boys who need teaching a lesson, candles, rituals, pentangles, mirrors, a circle of 13, jealousy, power, control and a rapid progression to murder.
Sandra soon flourishes with the assistance of her sisterhood. Isn’t college fun?

Entertaining, fun, titillating and a wee bit disturbing.

4.5 from 5

I’ve previously enjoyed Graham Wynd’s Extricate – thoughts here.

You can follow Graham on Twitter@GrahamWynd

Read in November, 2016
Published – 2015
Page count – 106
Source – purchased copy

Format - Kindle


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome........only 8 or 9 months after the event, though it did have the upside of me enjoying a second (skim) read!

  2. Glad to hear you liked this one, Col. Makes me wonder about some of the sororities that were around when I was at uni... ;-)

    1. Margot, I'm sure you have a tale or two you could tell. I wonder if the author drew down on her own personal experiences for this one! Haha, I'm scared to ask!

  3. This sounds great, I do love witchcraft and colleges and sororities. Just the book for me.

    1. I'm looking forward to hearing hoe you get on, Moira.

  4. Sororities and satanism. Not my kind of thing. But I will be reading White Rabbit (by K. A. Laity) and I am glad you reminded me of that.

    1. Probably not, Tracy. I keep forgetting I have White Rabbit to read also.