Tuesday 28 June 2022




The new dark psychological suspense novella by ex police officer and child protection social worker, John Nicholl.

Every aspect of Kathy's life is dominated by her abusive bully boy husband. Now she's pregnant and in fear for her life. Can she ever escape him?

A gripping psychological suspense novella. If you like Rachel Abbott, Angela Marsons, and Robert Bryndza, discover John Nicholl's chilling new thriller today.

One word review - chilling.

Not a pretty book. We get an up close and personal view of domestic abuse and it's horrifying.

Kathy is dominated physically and emotionally by husband Mike, who also happens to be a police officer. Nicholl doesn't really pull any punches regarding the portrayal of their relationship. One thing that hasn't been broken is her spirit and she makes a plan.

It's an uncomfortable listen, but also an important reminder of the plight of many spouses and offspring, usually occurring out of sight. Here we have some hope at the end of the story and thank goodness for that.

Excellent tale, superb narration (Jake Urry), plenty of food for thought. I might have to try something else by this author. 

4 stars from 5 

Read - (listened to) February, 2022
Pulbished - 2017
Page count - 60 (1 hr 50 mins)
Source - Audible purchase
Format - Audible


  1. That's the thing, Col. Domestic abuse is really ugly and I think any story that's going to portray it honestly is not going to be pretty. It's good to hear there's hope at the end of this one. I think I'd probably wait on it until I'm ready for this sort of pull-no-punches story...

    1. Margot, I liked it whilst at the same time I hated it, if that makes any sense. Almost like rubber necking at an RTA. You want to look away but sometimes can't.