Wednesday 5 May 2021



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A simple fugitive recovery assignment turns into another misadventure when Butch Quick meets Sharon Fitch, a Paradise Valley street dealer turned police informant. The scum of Paradise Valley is about to find out just how ugly Butch can get.

A speculative Audible purchase and one that worked out really well for me.

Main character, Butch Quick is a bounty hunter and works for his uncle, a bail bondsman (I think). He's trying to track down a witness, Sharon Fitch who has gone AWOL. Unfortunately the guys she is in fear of tail, Butch to the home of his first lead and thereafter kidnap that informant. 

After a violent altercation between Butch, his running partner and the missing witness eventually calms down - the bad guys turn up with their hostage, having been led to Sharon's hide-out, a remote cabin in the woods.

Love and harmony does not ensue. Mayhem, violence, death and destruction follow. Butch survives to hunt another day.

I really liked it. It's a shortish tale. It's busy, funny, action-packed and satisfying. I liked the dark humour in the situations Butch and his opo found themselves in. A skillet around the head can be quite funny on the page (or in this case in the earhole) and works just as well as it does when slapstick on screen.

I look forward to more reading from author Brian Knight with Butch Quick. I found out afterwards this was either the second or third adventure or misadventure with the character. The others are Sex, Death and Honey and Big Trouble in Little Boots

4 from 5 

Read - (listened to) May, 2021
Published - 2012
Page count - 53 (1hr 10mins)
Source - Audible purchase
Format - Audible


  1. I'm glad this one worked out for you, Col. Sometimes taking a chance ends up being worth it. And the main character being a bounty hunter means there are lots of possibilities for story lines. It sounds like a solidly-paced story, too.

    1. I had fun Margot. I'm looking forward to the other episodes featuring Butch.