Sunday 5 April 2020


A couple from busy author Tom Leins this week.

In a relatively short space of time, Leins has had 10 books published. I've read exactly two!
Skull Meat   
Meat Bubbles and Other Stories                               

It might be prudent to advise that his books ought to come with some sort of government health warning attached as they ain't for the faint of heart. The two I read had me reaching for the wire brush and dettol to clean off the stench of his characters and prose.

Not everyone's cup of tea, but certainly mine.

If you like a reading trip to the gutter and below, Leins is your man...... child pornographers, alcoholics, dirty cops, a battered PI, burnt out strippers, call girls, drug dealers, killers, bouncers, and some all round reprobates

You can catch him at the following haunts.
Dirty Books and Things To Do In Devon When You're Dead

Paignton Noir Mystery
   1. Skull Meat (2017)
   2. Snuff Racket (2018)
   3. Slug Bait (2018)
   4. Spine Farm (2018)
   5. Boneyard Dogs (2019)
   6. Sin Clinic (2019)

Charlie Bars and Joe Rey (with Benedict J Jones)
   Dirty Bullion (2019)

   Meat Bubbles and Other Stories (2018)
   Repetition Kills You (2018)
   The Good Book (2020)

Repetition Kills You (2018)

Repetition Kills You is an experimental noir. A novel-in-stories. A literary jigsaw puzzle.

The book comprises 26 short stories, presented in alphabetical order, from 'Actress on a Mattress' to 'Zero Sum'. Combined in different ways, they tell a larger, more complex story. The narrative timeline is warped, like a blood-soaked Mobius Strip. It goes round in circles - like a deranged animal chasing its own tail.

The content is brutal and provocative: small-town pornography, gun-running, mutilation and violent, blood-streaked stories of revenge. The cast list includes sex offenders, serial killers, bare-knuckle fighters, carnies and corrupt cops. And a private eye with a dark past - and very little future.

Welcome to Paignton Noir.

Boneyard Dogs (2019)

"If I can't find her within seven days, she's probably dead."

If you are desperate enough to hire Paignton private investigator Joe Rey, things have already gone from bad to worse - and a happy ending is highly unlikely.

Hired to track down the missing teenage daughter of a demented local lounge singer, Rey's investigation spirals bloodily out of control, and he finds himself surrounded by the ruined corpses of dead people traffickers. The police are determined to pin the murders on the hapless PI, but as his search unfolds it becomes apparent that the culprit may actually be a man he knows all too well...

BONEYARD DOGS is the blistering sequel to the cult classic MEAT BUBBLES & OTHER STORIES.

Tom Leins was kind enough to submit to some gentle questioning a year or two ago.



  1. Morning Col. Many thanks for this - I hope you enjoy Boneyard Dogs and Repetition Kills You! (If you want a digital copy of any of the e-books just let me know!)

    1. Tom, you're welcome. I've got them all lined up thanks.

  2. If I'm being honest, Col, these probably wouldn't be for me. But I do respect authors who can make great stories in the grittiest of contexts. And I always enjoy finding authors whose work really is my cuppa, so I know that feeling!

    1. Margot, I wouldn't want to lose Tom a potential reader, but I have to say you are probably right.

  3. Tom Leins is an amazing writer. I have become a huge fan.

  4. I love his stuff. He has such a way with grit. He really does. And I would highly recommend one pick up at least one of his books to experience this mans' talent. Yes, they are hard-core grit, but quite unique. One last word - there are some writers out there that seem to write really graphic stuff that seems to be more out of trying to shock someone. Tom Leins' writing is not like that. It's not merely to shock. And the way he describes things. Wow.

    1. I really appreciate that - thanks!

    2. I agree, he has quite a unique voice.