Sunday 16 February 2020


A couple from an untried author double act - R.C. Bridgestock

Bridgestock the author is a husband and wife team - Robert and Carol.
And I've ignored their books for a long time.

Payback is the start of a new series.
Poetic Justice is their 9th Jack Dylan book, but is a prequel which is an ideal place for me to start with their books.

I think what drew me to their books is the connection to Happy Valley which I caught up with last year on TV. They served as consultants to the makers of the programme which is testament to their credentials.

They also seem like lovely people on my limited interactions with them on social media.

Their author website is here.
Catch them on Twitter - @RCBridgestock

Poetic Justice (2019)

'A multi-faceted page turner. The perfect way to meet Jack Dylan.' Alison Bruce, author of I Did It For Us

From the husband and wife team who are the storyline consultants to TV's Happy Valleyand Scott & Bailey, comes the brand new book in the D.I. Jack Dylan series, which takes the reader back to where it all began...

When Detective Jack Dylan heads home after a residential course, he has no idea that an extraordinary succession of events is about to turn his life upside down. A vicious, unprovoked attack is just the start. Soon his wife is dead and his step-daughter - dangerously depressed - is being expelled from university for drug use. And at work, two teenagers have gone missing.

An ordinary man might break under the strain, but Dylan is no ordinary man. He knows that his survival depends on him carrying on regardless, burying himself in his work.

He is determined to pursue the criminal elements behind the events - both personal and professional - whether his superiors like it or not. And, as his family disintegrates around him, a newcomer to the admin department, Jennifer Jones, seems to offer some sort of salvation.

Life may have changed, but nothing will stand in the way of Dylan's quest for justice.

Payback (2019)

The brand new series from the storyline consultants to TV's Happy Valley and Scott & Bailey and author of the DI Jack Dylan novels.

Charley Mann left Yorkshire for the Met and a fast-track career - but now she's back, she's in charge and the area's first young, female DI. Her hometown, the Yorkshire countryside, and her old friends all seem unchanged, but appearances can be deceptive. When a brutal murder is discovered, Charley is forced to question everything, and the interest of her ex - reporter Danny Ray - doesn't make it easier.


  1. Nice choice, Col. I like POETIC JUSTICE better, though I'm sure both novels are equally gripping. I once read a crime fiction written by two sisters. I guess you have to be on the same page to make it a success.

    1. Prashant, I've read a few collaborations over the years and I'm always curious as to how the co-authors make it work. I don't think I have a preference between the two here going from the descriptions.

  2. I do really enjoy Happy Valley, Col (Hurry up, Series 3!). So that's an endorsement right there. I've not read these authors, but the stories do sound interesting, and if they're as compelling as the TV show, then I want to try these. Hope you'll enjoy them.

    1. Margot thanks. I'm with you regarding a 3rd series of Happy Valley.

  3. Might be a new author (or pair of authors) for me to try someday. May some will show up at the booksale.

    1. I hope they do Tracy and that you enjoy them when you eventually give their work a try.