Monday 8 May 2017


6 more good looking books for April - a couple of purchases, a couple from the publishers, one from Net Galley and a Smashwords FREEBIE......

From All Due Respect Books
After his girlfriend leaves and takes their young son with her, Joey Hidalgo is left alone in the trailer they formerly called home with nothing to do but get drunk and contemplate her reasons. Is he really as angry, as volatile, so close to constant violence, as she claims he is?

No, Joey thinks, of course not, the real problem is money--or lack thereof. Joey's a bartender, always struggling to make ends meet, unlike his most vile regular customer, the rich and racist fatboy. So Joey hatches a plan to get his family back by taking him for all he's worth. 

But the fatboy isn't going to make it easy for them. Neither is Joey's temper. Things are going to get messy, and it's gonna be one hell of a long night.

Smashwords FREEBIE!
Crossfire is a fast action crime thriller that could take place in any central California town. Dave Bowen and Rick Hoffman are out to make a little side money trading guns when they get a little more than they bargained for in an abandoned warehouse one Saturday morning.

A rouge government agent is behind the weapons deal and looking to keep his ass out of the fire while holding a south of the border drug cartel together.

Nearly retired, local detective Vic Bishop has a hunch as to what took place in that warehouse and aims to get to the bottom of it all before the feds shut things down. 

Lead flies and blood spills in this short crime novella by Christopher Davis where none of those involved will win except the last man standing. Only one man will emerge from the Crossfire. 
Amazon purchase

"This needs to happen. He's everything that's standing between me and happiness."

Stevie Weller is a man with a lot of enemies. He's a bully and a sex pest who's only an opportunity away from destroying somebody's life forever. He must be stopped. Front runners in the race to end his reign of vulgar terror are John and Danielle. 

One of them is a call centre Deputy Team Leader with designs on a full time position as Team Manager, harbouring pipe dreams of what the extra two grand a year could do for his pockets, bullied on a daily basis and wallowing alone in the friendzone of one of Stevie's past conquests, who can't get over her hatred of the boy. 

The other is brand new, just coming out of her two weeks of training, but she has ambition to match anybody. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. She's worked out her route to the top and would step on her own family if it meant a leg up on the career ladder. There are two things annoying her just now, though; the Deputy Team Leader who stands in her way, and the awful tanned boy who can't help himself from sending dick pics.

A tale of ambitious people in a place that eats up ambitious people and spits them out, the spiteful as hell second book in the acclaimed After Call Work series dishes up plenty of answers, but they're only going to lead to more questions.

From Seventh Street Books
After his unspectacular professional baseball career ends with a knee injury in Toledo, Ohio, Johnny Earl gets busted for selling cocaine. After serving seven years in prison, all he wants to do is return to his hometown of Steubenville, retrieve the drug money he stashed before he went to jail, and start a new life where no one has ever heard of Johnny Earl.

However, before he can leave town with his money, Johnny is picked up for questioning in the murder of Rayce Daubner, the FBI informant who had set him up on drug charges in the first place. Then his former prison cellmate shows up--a white supremacist who wants the drug money to help fund an Aryan nation in the wilds of Idaho. 

Five memorable characters, each with a separate agenda, come together in this layered tale of murder, deceit, and political intrigue.

Net Galley book from Down and Out!
Retired smuggler Dixon Sweeney exits Raiford after eight long years behind bars, vowing “From here on out, things are gonna be different.”

And boy is he right: his wife has left him, emptied his safe deposit box, moved their entire house to Key West, and is shacking up with Sweeney’s former partner and Best Man. Worse yet, Buck Wiggins is after him for a sixty-five grand debt. But Sweeney’s broke! So Buck sends Gooch and Gunther Canseco, twin towers of steroidal ape stuff to tune Sweeney up each week until he pays Buck back.

And he thought life in prison sucked!

When a mysterious Cuban-American approaches Sweeney with an offer, Sweeney is forced to accept. The payoff? A cool half mil. The problem? The money is hidden inside a house in Cuba. Worse yet: on Guantanamo Naval Base, a.k.a. GITMO!

Strap on your seat belt and prepare for the ride of your life, as unlikely hero Dixon Sweeney and his beat-up Chris-Craft challenge the Gulf Stream, waterspouts, man-eating sharks, the crazy Canseco twins, the Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, the entire Cuban military and one super sexy senorita in this hilarious romp through the Florida Straits!

Amazon purchase - second in series!

An East End tale to tear your heart out...

Sometimes, you don’t know what sort of man you are until you are called upon to protect your family.
Bethnal Green, East London. Nineteen-ninety-one.
John Sissons is out of work, out of friends, and out of luck. Fortune soon smiles upon him, though, and he gets a job in a door factory.
It’s not much, but it’s something.
But as the days go by in the factory, and the layers are peeled away, John realises he didn’t get this job by accident.
His past is exploding in front of his eyes. And when you have a past like the one John has, he knows he’ll be lucky if he makes it out alive.
Every fibre in his body is telling him to run. But John’s had a lifetime of running. Running is no longer an option.
When his sister goes missing, John knows it’s only a matter of time before they come for him.
But he won’t be going down without a fight.
Not this time.


  1. Lots of interesting settings here, Col. And the Bracha looks especially interesting. I'll be keen to know what you think of it when you get there.

  2. Margot - thanks. My youngest daughter is currently working in a call centre! I'm hoping to read the Bracha "call centre books" this month - there are two of them. Hopefully - it is a case of art not imitating real life, otherwise she's going to be looking at a career change!

  3. The covers all look great! My son was working in a call centre so I know what you mean, intrigued but don't want it to be too convincing...

    1. I'm intrigued by the premise of the books myself and think it might be a bit of a change from my usual, while still populated by nasty people doing nasty things!

  4. The Davis and the Bracha books sound good to me. And I will have to read A WELCOME MURDER because I am a big baseball fan. If the main character ended his career in Toledo, then he was playing for or against the Mud Hens. That really is the name of the Triple-A team there. It is the farm club for the Detroit Tigers. Several years ago, I was up that way and got to see the team in action. They call it the Minor League, but any one of those players could be tapped to go up to the majors. (Remember the movie, BULL DURHAM?)

    1. I've only recently discovered Christopher Davis. I'm hoping to read the Bracha's and the Yocum in the next month or so. I can vaguely recall BULL DURHAM, but I think I'm more familiar with FIELD OF DREAMS. I understand the aims of the game, but some of the finer nuances escape me.

    2. I feel the same way about cricket. I get the very big picture, but do not know the rules or the techniques. There is a really good Indian film called LAGAAN that Prashant recommended (and I reviewed: that was more than three hours long about Indian men challenging a British Army cricket team. The game was a mystery to me. Since the movie sided with the Indians, when the villagers cheered, I understood something good happened.

    3. I understand totally. I did have an American friend try and explain the nuances, but I kind of slipped into a coma at some point. I understand the aim of the game and the scoring and the 3 outs and you change to pitching and the different innings and the loading of the bases - I struggled with the pitching and what counted as a strike and what didn't. Cricket must be similarly baffling if you haven't grown up around it. I went to an American football game once - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Minnesota Vikings - that's 3 and a half hours of my life I'll never get back!

  5. These all sound very gritty and violent. Some nice covers, though.

    1. Cheers, I've read two of the six so far.