Wednesday 13 January 2016


December saw 10 "books" of varying lengths read.

Alan Jones - Blue Wicked (2014) (4.5)

James P. Sumner - A Hero of War (Adrian Hell Origins) (2015) (4.5)

Max Allan Collins - Mourn the Living (1988) (4.0)

Paul D. Brazill - Kill Me Quick! (2015) (4.5)

Budd Schulberg - What Makes Sammy Run? (1941) (4.0)

J. A Kazimer - A Very F***ed-Up Christmas Tale (2015)  (3.5)

Evangeline Jennings - No Christmas (2014) (4.5)

Bill Pronzini - Bindlestiff (1983) (5.0)

Todd Luchik - Friday Night, Saturday Morning (2015) (4.0)

Iain Ryan - Two Days + Four Days: Behind the Scenes (2015) (4.0)

As is my want, a bit of data of no interest to anyone other than myself.......

10 reads from 10 different authors,

4 of the 10 were new-to-me authors.

1 – 5 star read and book of the month – Bill Pronzini's Bindlestiff

4 of the 10 were 4.5 star reads, 4 scored 4.0 and 1 was a 3.5. So everything was enjoyed.

8 of the 10 authors read were male. 2 females - a 100% increase on last month! 

Cover of the month! Todd Luchik's Friday Night, Saturday Morning

5 of the 10 authors hail from the US - quelle surprise!. 3 from England, 1 from Scotland, 1 from Australia, 

1 book from the 1940s, 2 from the 80s, 7 from this decade - 2014 (x3) and 2015 (x4).

10 were fiction - 4 novels, 2 novellas, 4 long short stories,

6 books were sent to me by the author, or were available from their website, 1 was an Amazon freebie! 
3 were owned copies.

2 were paperbacks, 8 were Kindle reads.

I have now completed Max Allan Collins' 8 book Nolan series - a minor landmark!

Total page count - 1334 - a bit measly, but I was busy at work which kind of lent itself to lethargy and tiredness. I read most of these during the week after Christmas.

Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise, collates crime fiction bloggers monthly round ups and their best books over at her site.
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Rest of the covers........


  1. You did have a good reading month, Col - I'm glad you did. And I can't blame you one bit for your choice of the Pronzini. His Nameless series is excellent, in my opinion.

  2. Thanks Margot - a lot of short reads in the month, but circumstances kind of dictated that for me. Nameless is one of the best series going!

  3. Hurrah! Pronzini is your best of the month. I look forward to your review of Casefiles.

    1. Glen, not much in it, but yes the pick of the bunch!

  4. Col, I have got my eyes on authors 3, 4 & 8 for sure. Good reading!

    1. Prashant, you won't go wrong reading them mate.

  5. Replies
    1. I've had worse months, mate! With the probable exception of Schulberg I would read them all again in the future.

  6. As ever,I do enjoy reading the statistics.

    1. Thanks, I quite like pulling them together TBH

  7. Based on the scores you gave the books, you had a great month.

    1. I've not read a bad book for a while now - I must be due a stinker soon, Tracy.