Sunday 4 September 2022

AUGUST 2022 - 31 DAYS 31 SHORTS!

August is a month I usually try and read a short story a day. It's something I started doing back in 2016, and have since expanded the theme to repeat the exercise three or four times a year.

Most of this the month's stories come courtesy of three sites - Shotgun Honey, Close to the Bone and Beat to a Pulp, supplemented by a few other sites and authors. 

1st - Ben Boulden  - Reprobate (Dark City Underground)

2nd - Mark K. WinchesterThe Rat in the Kitchen (Welcome to B-Side Tales)

3rd - Michael NiemannThe Baltic Dry Index (Tough)

4th - Scott CummingBoys & Toys (Close To The Bone)

5th - Greg LevinThe Right Reasons (Shotgun Honey)

6th - C. W. BlackwellThe Road Players (Shotgun Honey)

7th - Travis RichardsonJob Done Wrong (Shotgun Honey)

8th - Terri Lynn CoopCatch Me (Shotgun Honey)

9th - Nikki KnightOwl Be Damned (Tough)

10th - Glen BushLost But Not Forever (Close To The Bone)

11th - James RothBlue Haired Girl (Close To The Bone)

12th - Russell W. JohnsonShooter's Remorse (Shotgun Honey)

13th - Paul D. BrazillLavender's Blues (Paul D. Brazill)

14th - Margot KinbergThe Alignment (Margot Kinberg)

15th - Paul D. Brazill Dead is a Four Letter Word (Paul D. Brazill)

16th - Bobby MathewsOne in the Chamber (Shotgun Honey)

17th - Adam LeederSacrifice Fly (Shotgun Honey)

18th - Paul D. BrazillGun Street Blues (Paul D. Brazill)

19th - Johnny ShawShouldnta (Shotgun Honey)

20th - Steve ZippilliDay Interrupted (Shotgun Honey)

21st - Jim Wilsky - Uncertain (Beat to a Pulp)

22nd - M. E. ProctorThe Hour of the Bat (Beat to a Pulp)

23rd - Rusty Barnes - Number A (Beat to a Pulp)

24th - Paul GadsbyBest Laid Plans (Beat to a Pulp)

25th - Alec CizakCreepy (Beat to a Pulp)

26th - Alec Cizak No Hard Feelings (Beat to a Pulp)

27th - Todd RobinsonOf Mice and Manny (Beat to a Pulp)

28th - William E. WallaceClosing Time (Beat to a Pulp)

29th - Rob Pierce - Shadows (Beat to a Pulp)

30th - Chris HolmChristmas, 1983 (Beat to a Pulp)

31st - Cullen Gallagher - Death Drives By Night (Beat to a Pulp)

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  1. Great job. One of these months I'll give it a go.

  2. Shotgun Honey and Close to the Bone have some good stories, Col; I'm not surprised you find a lot to like there, and I like this idea for a meme to encourage people to read short stories. I should read more of them myself! Thanks also - very much - for including mine!

    1. Agreed Margot. They've been publishing some great stories for years now. Always happy to read one of yours as well.

  3. Some familiar names and some new ones, too. Thanks for the list and the links, Col.

    1. Some stellar names indeed, Elgin. Hope you check a few of them out!