Saturday 11 September 2021

AUGUST 2021 - 31 DAYS, 31 SHORTS!

A short story a day for a month, four times a year, though a lot of them are Flash Fiction pieces in the main. Interesting to see how different authors can do a lot with a little ...

August was again (ditto June) mainly a Paul D. Brazill love-in, with the last week of the month spent camped over at Flash Fiction Offensive site, trawling through their archives.

1st - Paul D. Brazill - The Weather Prophet (Paul D. Brazill)

2nd - Graham BrackCrimes at Midnight (Crime Reader's Association)

3rd - Julian Barrett The Café des Infernaux (The Painted Clou - website of Julian Barrett)

4th - Sam Wiebe - Head Down (via author email to newsletter subscribers)

5th - Stephen D. Rogers - Lottery Tickets and Cigarettes (All Due Respect)

6th - Paul D. Brazill - Chelsea Girls (Paul D. Brazill)

7th - Paul D. BrazillThe Daytripper (Paul D. Brazill)

8th - Andy Rausch - The Iceman Killeth (Andy Rausch)

9th - Andy RauschThe Day Henry Came Calling (Andy Rausch)

10th - Paul D. Brazill - The Zodiac Club (Paul D. Brazill)

11th - Paul D. Brazill The Final Cut (Paul D. Brazill)

12th - Jason BovbergThe Lurker in the Chimney  (Jason Bovberg)

13th - Paul D. BrazillThe Man from Esperanto (Paul D. Brazill)

14th - Paul D. Brazill - Yesterday's Wine (Paul D. Brazill)

15th - Salvador John Christopher (Salvador John Christopher)

16th - Paul D. Brazill - The Odd and the Sods (Paul D. Brazill)

17th - Paul D. Brazill - THIS OLD HOUSE (Paul D. Brazill)

18th - Paul D. Brazill - Who Killed Skippy? (Paul D. Brazill)

19th - Paul D. Brazill - NUN WITH A GUN (Paul D. Brazill)

20th - Stephen KingCookie Jar (VQR)

21st -  Paul D. Brazill -EVERYDAY PEOPLE (Paul D. Brazill)

22nd - Chris OffuttMr. Cartoon (VQR)

23rd - Paul D. Brazill -  Red Esperanto (Paul D. Brazill)

24th - Col BuryA Public Service (Flash Fiction Offensive)

25th - Mike Miner The Wrong Saloon (Flash Fiction Offensive)

26th - Ian AyrisConsideration (Flash Fiction Offensive)

27th - Margot KinbergPick Up Time (Margot Kinberg)

28th - Glenn GrayThis Guy Daryl (Flash Fiction Offensive)

29th - Katie MooreRestless Legs and Foot in Mouth (Flash Fiction Offensive)

30th - Michael PelcLipstick (Flash Fiction Offensive)

31st - Matthew Dexter Black Widow (Flash Fiction Offensive)


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Col - much appreciated! And I don't blame you one bit for the focus on PDB's work. He writes a good story, and I really like his flash fiction. Glad you had a good short story reading month.

    1. Margot, you're welcome. I'm always happy to read one of yours!

  2. I try hard not to be envious of how much you read each month, both short stories and novels. (But I am not successful.) And you watch a lot of TV shows and movies too!

    It looks like I have a few collections of Paul D. Brazill stories on the Kindle. I should check them out.

    1. Tracy, thanks.

      I hope you like Paul's work when you get to it.