Wednesday 30 June 2021

JUNE 2021 - 30 DAYS 30 SHORTS!

June and a short story a day, mostly flash fiction if I'm honest.

A bit of a Paul D. Brazill love-in, along with a smidge of Tom Leins and a helping of Margot Kinberg, as well as a few from the archives of the Flash Fiction Offensive, and some visits to a few other sites.

1st - Bill Baber - Pissed (Flash Fiction Offensive)

2nd - Richard WallFinding Pops McCoy (Spillwords)

3rd - Margot Kinberg - Team Project (Margot Kinberg)

4th - Tom Leins - The Deadlands (Punk Noir Magazine)

5th - Trace Conger - Three Years Ago This May (Pseudopod)

6th - Copper Smith - The Legend of Founder's Day (All Due Respect)

7th - K. A. LaitySquid Lord (All Due Respect)

8th - Anthony Neil Smith - Crotchrockets (Punk Noir Magazine)

9th - Andy Rausch The Dog Creek Coven (Author Andy Rausch)

10th - Paul D. BrazillThicker Than Blood (Paul D Brazill)

11th - Paul D. Brazill The Friend Catcher (Paul D. Brazill)

12th - Eric Beetner - Liar, Liar (Flash Fiction Offensive)

13th - Eric Beetner - Brotherly Love (Flash Fiction Offensive)

14th - Kieran J. Shea - Dog Bite (Flash Fiction Offensive)

15th - Tom Leins - Triggerman (Flash Fiction Offensive)

16th - Tom LeinsDeath is My Sleazy Pay (Flash Fiction Offensive)

17th - Matthew McBride - The Cleaner (Flash Fiction Offensive)

18th - Jesse Hilson - Brothel Raiders (Close 2 the Bone)

19th - Albert Tucher - The Sleaze Factor (Flash Fiction Offensive)

20th - Paul D. Brazill - Donkey (Flash Fiction Offensive)

21st - Paul D. Brazill Before the Moon Falls (The Werewolf Detective Episode 1) (Paul D. Brazill)

22nd - Paul D. Brazill Drunk on the Moon (The Werewolf Detective Episode 2) (Paul D. Brazill)

23rd - Margot KinbergSpecial Collections (Margot Kinberg)

24th - Paul D. Brazill - The Missionary (The Werewolf Detective Episode 3) (Paul D. Brazill)

25th - Paul D. Brazill - Black Moon Rising (The Werewolf Detective Episode 4) (Paul D. Brazill)

26th - Paul D. Brazill - The Brain Salad Murders (The Werewolf Detective Episode 5) (Paul D. Brazill)

29th - Paul D. Brazill - Chelsea Girls (Paul D. Brazill)

30th - Paul D. Brazill - In the (Reservoir) Dog House (Paul D. Brazill)

Links to previous short story months below....


  1. You did read a lot of Paul Brazill stories this time. And two stories by Margot Kinberg! I don't think I could do one story a day, even for a just a month. I haven't tried much flash fiction.

    1. A few of them I've encountered before Tracy, but they could stand a re-read. I've a couple of anthologies of stories and essays I want to work through in July, so it was decent practice.

  2. Sometimes, short stories and flash fiction are just what's needed, Col. And PDB writes some great stuff. Thanks very much for the mention and link!

    1. Agreed, just the ticket, Margot. I have to re-iterate, I really enjoyed your two.

  3. Hi Col, thanks for the story inclusion - some blasts from the distant past with those Flash Fiction Offensive stories! 2009 - wow!

    1. Tom, you're welcome. I hadn't realised I had trawled that far back.

  4. Great to see the mention of PDB..