Wednesday 7 October 2020




Jeff and Mindy McKay are young, attractive, and willing to stop at nothing to have it all - even if it means murdering Mindy's little sister, Jenny.

With Jenny out of the way, after they collect Jenny's part of an enormous inheritance, Jeff and Mindy can begin to enjoy luxury beyond their wildest dreams.

Then one day, months after Mindy and Jeff have buried the little girl, they answer a knock at the door. Standing there, staring at them with frightening blank eyes, is Jenny. She has returned - to their house, to their lives - to exact a revenge that goes beyond death.

My second time with Ed Gorman in as many months and another so-so book, this one in the horror genre.

I liked the initial set-up, insofar as you can like a story where a young girl is done away with by family members for money. The body is undiscovered and the community thinks Jenny is missing. Seems like a decent thriller/crime novel at this stage. Several months later the girl returns much to the surprise of her sister and conniving husband.

Neighbourly concern from the women next door, a cop gently woo-ing her, strangeness from the married couple, bizarre incidents, a lack of Jenny from everyday life, some poking and prodding from the neighbour and cop as their friendship/romance develops albeit at a pace slower than that of a dead snail, a surveillance operation, answers, a seemingly benign spirit morphing into something more terrifying, and one relationship swapped out for something less healthy.

I enjoyed the return of the girl and the twist that gave to the plot and it was an enjoyable passer of time. Gorman writes decent characters that interest me, but I've yet to find one where the plot clicks for me. There are graphic horror elements on display here ....... carnage and the odd gross out, but you kind of have to buy into events totally for them to have an affect, or at least I would and I couldn't.

3 from 5

Murder on the Aisle was enjoyed last month. There's more from him on the pile.

Read - (listened to) September, 2020
Published - 1990
Page count - 114 (3 hrs 33 mins)
Source - Audible purchase
Format - Audible


  1. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of horror, Col, although there've been a few good ones. Still, the premise of this one does sound interesting. Not sure about the gross-out stuff and carnage, though. Perhaps I'll give this one a miss...

    1. Not a book I'll return to Margot, but I don't regret reading it. It had its moments

  2. I've never read his horror work but have been curious to check it out, I appreciate the review.

  3. Man, Colman, you're stumbling over some pretty minor Gorman! Another one I'd not encountered yet.

    1. I think there's more where this one came from, Todd

  4. You're almost tempting me to try Gorman, I was interested in the last one you reviewed too.

  5. I have enjoyed the Gorman I have read but this is not for me. No graphic horror, and the premise doesn't appeal.

    1. There's plenty more from him that might be more agreeable to you, Tracy