Sunday 26 July 2020



Four old friends; a policeman, a soldier, a doctor and a priest, play cards and trade stories about sex. Mystery Writers' Grand Master Lawrence Block is the first American writer in this acclaimed series of novellas. The Daily Telegraph recently proclaimed him one of the fifty greatest crime writers of all time. Find out why in this spicy brew of lust, deception, double crosses, perversion, sexual violence and forbidden desire.

A pocket-sized paperback and a one sitting read from Lawrence Block with some fireside tales of lust, accompanied by flatulence!

A priest recounts a tale of a married couple.
A policeman recalls the fate of his jealous partner.
A soldier talks of a military man who got his thrills through taking life.
A doctor talks of a rapist and his victim.

Interesting tales, all of them each with a twist...... sex, revenge, infidelity, incest, arson, war, siblings, prison, camping, death and a helluva lot more, all laced with a splash of humour and a sprinkling of excitement.

A cracking little book.

4,5 from 5

Read - June, 2020
Published - 2001
Page count - 120
Source - owned copy
Format - paperback


  1. Block's as good at short stories as he is at novels, isn't he, Col? And this collection sounds quite well done. I just said to you the other day that short story collections are often a bit uneven - trust Block to show that some collections can be good across all the stories!

    1. I may not have been too clear in expressing my thoughts. It's kind of one connected narrative/story with four friends relating individual anecdotes/memories/tales if that makes more sense.

  2. I wonder if these stories are in his huge book of short stories, Enough Rope?

    1. I'll try and check if it's been included elsewhere.