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When Tess Tremaine starts a new life in the colorful town of Goose Pimple Junction, curiosity leads her to look into a seventy-five-year-old murder. Suddenly she’s learning the foreign language of southern speak, resisting her attraction to local celebrity Jackson Wright, and dealing with more mayhem than she can handle.

A bank robbery, murder, and family tragedy from the 1930s are pieces of the mystery that Tess attempts to solve. As she gets close to the truth, she encounters danger, mystery, a lot of southern charm, and a new temptation for which she’s not sure she’s ready. 

A bit of a departure from my usual reading fare and one undertaken to plug a gap in a reading challenge over on Goodreads. I needed a book authored by an Amy and this one was accessible on Audible with a download code.

It's a cosy mystery firmly set in the deep south and Goose Pimple Junction, Tennessee. Tess Tremaine relocates to the small town, after her recent divorce and soon acquires some unwanted attention of the romantic type from the local celebrity author and more worryingly a stalker type threat which escalates.... from poison notes, to a broken window, to a mugging and purse snatch and much worse before the end of the book. Why is someone hassling Tess?

The answer lies in an old town mystery of murder and robbery, of history and secrets with reputations at risk if events of the past get re-examined and resolved. As Tess digs into the town's skeletons, the narrative flip flops between the thirties and present day.

I think I struggled with the rationale that the sins of a long dead predecessor would adversely affect people's opinions and attitudes in the present day. Maybe I don't quite vibe some small town mentalities.

It wasn't the worst book I've ever encountered. Tess, herself is likable, as is her suitor, Jackson. They work closely together to solve the mystery while becoming ever closer romantically. There is a profusion of small town eccentrics and southern sayings and its a bit quirky.

I wasn't ever thrilled or excited by the book, but I was interested enough in seeing who did what and why, even though I wasn't overly convinced by their motives.

An okay listen, but not a series I'd consider continuing.

3 from 5

Read - (listened to) July, 2020
Published - 2012
Page count - 253 (11 hrs 7 mins)
Source - Audible purchase
Format - Audible


  1. It sounds as though the small town setting was right for the story, Col, even if it wasn't the most exciting, engaging novel you've ever read. And I'm with you: sympathetic characters can make all the difference in whether or not you carry on with a story. Glad you found some things to like here.

    1. Margot, I guess it was inoffensive, which isn't always what I'm seeking in a read.

  2. Very nice cover, but I would be turned off by the title. And I usually avoid stories set in the South. I have wanted to try some cozies. I am sure many of them are very good.

    1. The title isn't very appealing is it? I don't think I've become a cozy convert.

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